WT Partnership Finds Easiest Route for a large government organisation

(Benchmark Estimating Software would like to share another success story of a large NSW government organisation that benefits from enormous time savings, thanks to the flexibility of our software. Due to communication restrictions we regret that we cannot reveal the client’s identity or individual names.)


When faced with the challenge of easily making changes to a very large database for their client without having to go through every single project, WT Partnership (WTP)  had no hesitation in selecting Benchmark Estimating Software.

Quote_WT_001“I am a big advocate of the software, I don’t think many people realise how powerful Benchmark Estimating Software is,” Peter Gill, National Infrastructure Manager, WT Partnership said.

WT Partnership is an international practice of property, project and cost management consultants with 210 quantity surveyors/cost estimators in their Australian operation. Their clients include many major government departments and operations, responsible for delivering essential services, on a state and national level.

WTP purchased the corporate edition of Benchmark Estimating Software in December 2014 for their client, a large government organisation, and is currently in the process of building their database for 22 projects under their specific program.

At the current stage of the project, Peter reports that the client is very impressed with how much less time it has taken to build the database for the 22 projects.

“We came in under the time we had estimated,” Peter reports.


Easy Work for Big Databases

The challenge facing WTP was that their client needed a very large database of the resources used for the 22 projects previously estimated using Excel. Whenever there were changes in the rates of resources including labour, plant, materials or subcontractors, the changes would have to be applied individually to every single project estimate.

With 22 projects currently in progress, that was an extremely timely process and vulnerable to human error which could lead to errors and inaccuracies.

“With Benchmark, there is now a single database linked to all projects,” Peter explains, “this means if we change any rate in the database, it will update any of the 22 projects which that same change relates to.”

Peter cites an example where 11 projects are affected by a change in one rate. Benchmark updates every project where that item is relevant and has the added advantage of being able to track the changes to the previous estimates.


Quick, Efficient Routines

Peter notes that in Benchmark it is extremely easy to write the Routines.  Similar Routines in the various projects can be duplicated and amended very quickly and efficiently.

“Benchmark also checks the differences and tracks the changes between various project stages (design or delivery), which is a feature that you can’t do with some of the other estimating products,” Peter said.

In addition to operating Benchmark Estimating Software with this large government agency, WT Partnership is also operating a licence with one of the major water retailers and will be reviewing the outcomes of both these experiences to share the incredible benefits with other clients.


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