Benchmark Insights

All your portfolio and project data in one platform

Unlock comprehensive cost and carbon insights for enhanced clarity and informed decision-making over the infrastructure lifecycle, from pre-construction to decommissioning.


Experience the power of our dashboards

Save time and eliminate the need for manual data manipulation. Intelligent dashboards automate data discovery, preparation, collection, and reporting processes yielding accurate information.

Combine estimating data from different projects and present your data in dashboards and graphical reports that are intuitive, easy to understand, and interactive to enable you to have complete control of data presentation.

Benchmark Estimating Dashboard

How our data insights informs better decision making

Understand your cost base

Understand your cost base across projects, programs and portfolios for efficient procurement and category management.

Understand resource demand forecasting

Helps you understand what capacity is needed within your supply chain. For example, how much material and labor will I require over a specific time frame?

Real time visibility

Gain real-time visibliity of your estimates costs vs budget at project, program, portfolio level to help your teams deliver to budgets.

Sensitivity analysis and scenario testing

Enterprise wide sensitivity analysis and scenario testing e.g the impact of higher than forecast inflation, structural changes in cost base.

Reporting of data overtime

Granular cashflow forecast to help you set and deliver your business plans across portfolios, programs and projects.

Carbon and cost insights

Side by side cost and carbon dashboards and reports for tracking of your delivery against your budgets.

Visibility into cost variances

Capture actual costs in the same standard of your estimate to report variances to the plan and inform continuous improvement initiatives.

Cost Estimating Dashboard

Powerful features. Powerful benefits

Configurable dashboards

Harness dashboards for automated data discovery, preparation, and reporting. Track progress effortlessly, combining various data to display key metrics in an accessible format.

Access to historical data

Leverage historical data to identify trends, develop accurate forecasts, and support strategic planning effectively.

Universal application

From small projects to large and varied portfolios, Benchmark Insights consolidates and delivers information for organisations of any size and type, unlocking hidden knowledge and enhancing insights across the board.

Enhanced access and security

Robust and flexible security settings to ensure safe and secure access for multiple users. Maintain complete control over data input and access.

Integrates multiple data sources

Effortlessly integrate data from multiple sources to calculate and display key metrics in near-real-time. Empower stakeholders with timely insights for informed decision-making, ensuring continuous improvement and competitiveness.

Automated data refresh

Automated data collection and gathering allows reports to be refreshed periodically so you can spend more time analysing results rather than worrying about collecting and managing data.

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