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Solving your carbon challenge

Estimating embodied carbon in infrastructure projects has reached a critical juncture for asset owners and contractors globally due to:

  • setting of carbon reduction and net zero targets by governments;
  • the establishment of PAS 2080 - a carbon management framework in infrastructure;
  • the lead taken by government agencies and authorities in developing detailed carbon reduction roadmaps.

Carbon emissions from built environment


Global embodied carbon emissions in infrastructure and construction


Target year for net zero

Source: World Green Building Council

Measuring and reporting carbon

Adopting a structured and consistent method for measuring and reporting carbon is a vital part of the carbon management process. Two professional standards have been developed to assist in this process:

  • RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the built environment – Global Professional Standard for carbon measurement methodology.
  • ICMS 3rd Edition: Global Consistency in Presenting Construction Life Cycle Costs and Carbon Emissionsprovides a global consistency in classifying, defining, measuring, recording, analysing, presenting, and comparing entire construction life cycle costs and carbon emissions.

Our carbon solution

Without the necessary carbon accounting tools and processes in place, your carbon estimates can be wildly inaccurate, leading to unreliable carbon management and reporting.

An innovative solution to unlock carbon reduction plans across your projects, programs and portfolios, Benchmark Estimating offers a lifecycle carbon management solution encompassing capital works, operations, and decommissioning, developed in accordance with PAS 2080, RICS WLCA 2nd Edition and ICMS 3rd edition.

With our solution you can set carbon targets, track compliance, and obtain fast and reliable insights across your organisation and supply chain.

Benchmark Estimating cloud solution
how it works

End inaccurate estimating and unreliable reports

Be confident in your carbon baseline and understand your environmental impact with our carbon estimating solution.

Our carbon estimating solution enables:

  1. Immediate identification of the cost impact of different carbon reduction scenarios
  2. Realistic carbon reduction efforts with high-impact actions
  3. Identification of carbon hot spots, empowering you to develop and implement decarbonisation initiatives
  4. A reliable carbon baseline, so you can estimate with confidence.

Powerful features. Powerful benefits

Whole of life carbon estimating

Efficiently estimate and report carbon emissions throughout the asset lifecycle in accordance with PAS 2080 requirements. Easily access insights with our powerful dashboards and manage carbon across multiple projects and operations, advancing towards net zero goals.

Integrated cost and carbon estimating

Optimise processes by seamlessly integrating with the cost estimating module. Side by side data of cost and carbon drivers enabling identification of the best value decarbonisation measures.

Standard or customised libraries

Access carbon values using our carbon library or customise your own library.

Import and store Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Ensures an audit trail and the use of validated carbon data supporting your carbon estimate by importing and storing EPDs within the platform.

Scenario analysis and rapid assessment of alternatives

Effortlessly assess and compare the impact of alternative materials, designs and/or construction methods to identify the optimum solution.

Carbon risk and efficiency allowances

Include carbon risk allowances in your carbon estimate and also set efficiency targets to set carbon budgets for your projects, programs and portfolios.

Used by some of the largest asset owners and contractors around the world

simultaneous estimating

Best practice cost and carbon estimating

In order to achieve best practice in carbon estimating, it is vital to do in parallel with cost estimating.

This enables:

  • Side by side analysis of the carbon and cost impact across your projects, programs and portfolios.
  • Immediate identification of the cost impact of different carbon reduction scenarios.
  • Identification of carbon hot spots, empowering you to develop and implement decarbonisation initiatives.
  • A reliable carbon baseline, so you can estimate with confidence.

How we support different methods of carbon estimating

  • Similar to our cost estimating module, the carbon module supports flexible methods of estimating so you can use a methodology that suits your various use cases.
  • From detailed and granular first principles estimating to early stage top-down estimating, you will be able to estimate carbon across your projects, programs and portfolios with confidence.
  • In addition, the carbon module offers digital estimating capability so you can interact directly with a 3D drawing to dynamically quantify measurements for estimates.

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