data services

Improve your estimating processes

For over 30 years we have been providing our unique expertise to the industry and offer a range of data service to help you improve your cost and carbon estimating.

Unlocking the power of our platform through our expert services

Solution design

Detailed solution design, including implementing best practice estimating processes supported by automated workflows.

Creation of libraries

Create standardised or bespoke libraries for cost and carbon, built up from detailed resources (e.g. labor, fuel, plant, etc) to items of work. Ongoing maintenance and updating of these libraries to ensure they are always up to date.

Data standardisation & migration

Mapping, cleansing and migration of your existing and historical data, ensuring an operational cost and carbon estimating solution from day one. Also establish common work and cost breakdown structures across your programs and portfolios.

Cost & carbon modelling

Setup and create cost and carbon models for your organisation.

Data visualisation

Powerful data visualisation tools for more detailed understanding of your carbon & cost data in BI dashboards.

Continuous improvement

Gain real insight from comparison of actual and estimated costs on a like for like basis so you can continually improve the accuracy and efficiency of your cost and carbon estimating.

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