Feature highlight - tasks, workbank and workflow

January 11, 2022

In a world before technological advancement and automation, teamwork and collaboration on a project was only possible when all parties were present and accounted for on site. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated remote work, leading to the need for an innate shift in approaching the goal of an informed and productive team.

In Benchmark Estimating, the concept of automation has been harnessed to dodge the common pitfalls of remote working arrangements; those being time wasted on chasing up details and status, illinformed teams, and general frustration.

A History of the Project

Benchmark Estimating were approached by a large European based client that had significant issues and challenges from a lack of management control over estimators, a lack of traceability, a lack of a way to record and analyse KPIs, and a general lack of visibility.

The brief was to solve their issues, but also to automate their estimating process.

As a result, three new features were developed -  Project Tasks, Workbank and Workflows – each operating as an independent feature to boost the efficiency of a project’s team. But, when used in conjunction, these features can work together as an integrated solution – and that’s where the power of automation really comes through for your business.

A deeper dive into these new features:

Project Tasks

Tasks are the to-do lists for each individual involved in the estimate. It allows you to manage your daily tasks and set work-related goals.


Workbank is essentially a customisable dashboard for the entire project. For example, when an estimator comes into work they can geta quick, dynamic view of all open project tasks and statuses, and action them instantly.

Both tasks and Workbank are for the end user of the estimate, whereas the following feature – WorkFlow, is for Administrators.


Workflow allows for the routine business processes in your organisation to be automated in just a few clicks. It can be set up in the background of the Benchmark Estimating infrastructure to send emails, generate tasks, and do all manner of things to help the team focus on what’s important.

The benefits of automation

Teams who effectively utilise these three new features in conjunction with each other will be able to capitalise upon a host of benefits throughout the estimating process. These primarily being:

·        Greater transparency across the team and organisation

·        The elimination of the manual need to ring, email or message people regarding project statuses or updates

·        The fact that everyone will know exactly what they have to do and by when

·        Improved efficiency and effectiveness of estimating teams

·        Increased morale and team satisfaction

In Summary, Benchmark Estimating gives organisations improved cost controls, more competitive estimates, and more accurate budgets through automation. Essentially, this means greater power to schedule, process, and deliver estimates of an extremely high calibre.

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