Powerful Benchmark version 7.84 update has now arrived!


What’s new with Benchmark Estimating Software Version 7.84?

1. Benchmark Cloud – Version 7.84 has been uploaded in the Benchmark Cloud with clients already benefiting from the 7.84 upgrade. As a result, all new clients (and existing clients ready to convert to Benchmark Cloud) will enjoy the benefits that Version 7.84 offers as well as the increased mobility, security and availability of Benchmark Cloud.

2. Benchmark Estimating App – Version 7.84 contains enhancements that allow an integration service to connect between the App and your software. Download for free in the App Store and Google Play.


3. Project Cost Cash Flow Graphs allows for better scheduling and project management due to improved cost projection over time.


4. The Custom Export feature allows you to create your own exports for integration with your own business systems and processes.

5. Export to Primavera P6 feature therefore allows you to easily integrate from Benchmark to Primavera P6.


6. Enhanced Word Templates – Users can generate quotes and reports based on Word Templates and then immediately email them as a PDF.


7. The Variable Input Sheet (VIS) feature works by allowing users to fill values in a spreadsheet and then import it into Benchmark and update your Variables.  This feature, together with Template Projects, offers an automated and consistent approach that creates estimates in minutes.


8. Template Projects is now a standard feature in Benchmark as a result of the upgrade.

The update also includes many more changes such as:
  • The Routine Input Sheet (RIS) feature allows users to answer questions in a spreadsheet and then import it into Benchmark and update your Routines.  This allows an estimate to be prepared in seconds by automatically matching the RIS sheet into Benchmark. 
  • New Job Costing Graph helps you compare the estimated cost to actual cost across all of your projects, for powerful insights and analysis.
  • All marketing graphs have been re-written in a new report technology for more professional looking graph exports.
  • 64-bit version gives clients with extreme data volumes and processing higher levels of performance.
  • Three Point Estimates and Risk simulations now use an in-built Monte Carlo simulation algorithm therefore removing the need to have @RISK installed and simplifying estimating.
  • Adding New Clients is faster and easier in this version.
  • Bid Team details can now be shown in the Project Browser helping managers see who is working on each estimate.
  • You can now apply % discounts to a group of Resources in bulk (for example all your Pumps or Pipes) which therefore saves you time and improves accuracy.
  • A new User Audit Report helps you audit user access and permissions to ensure your data is protected and secure.
  • Viewpoint Vista integration has been improved (read more about Vista and all our integration partners).
  • Multi-user improvements, database optimisation and performance tweaks have resulted in improved user experience and speed.
  • In addition to many more.


If you are ready to update your software to Version 7.84, please email us at Marketing@benchmarkestimating.com.

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