Handy hints – Resource Rate Change, Favourite Report List & Creating a Composite Item

3 great handy hints all Benchmark users should know about – how to change a Resource Rate in a Project, set up a favourite Report list and create a Composite Item.

4 great handy hints

These 4 handy hints cover some popular questions from users relating to copying and pasting data between projects, duplicating a Project in order to prepare a “budget”, generating marketing graphs and comparing projects side-by-side….

Handy Hint – Tracking and Analysing a Project During Construction

Our “Resources by Item with Used and Remaining” export to Microsoft Excel is a simple yet powerful job costing analysis and tracking tool.

Benchmark Estimating Software – New Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your estimating even more efficient, we’ve introduced over 30 new keyboard shortcuts in Version 7.4 of Benchmark Estimating Software. This article acts as a ‘cheat sheet’ for the new shortcuts!

Benchmark Estimating Software – Ceiling and Floor Calculator Functions

Version 7.2 and later of Benchmark Estimating Software now support CEILING and FLOOR functions within the Quantity Calculator. These allow you to round up and round down (respectively) to the nearest whole number or multiple of, for example, 5, 10, 100, 1000 etc.

Benchmark Estimating Software – Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick hints on keyboard shortcuts within Benchmark Estimating Software

Benchmark Estimating Software – Calculator Functions

The first in a new series of handy tips for Benchmark Estimating Software. An easy formula for those using the Calculator at the Resource level of an Item. This type of formula can be used in an Item in the Item Library or in a Project.