New Banded Items feature delivers time and cost savings using Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever heard of banded items?

To understand what a banded item is, let’s first consider the form of a ‘normal’ bill of quantities (BOQ). This will often take the form of one item per row, with generally an item number, item description, quantity and unit on each row.

The difference with a banded item BOQ is that on any line there might be an item number and item description and then additionally there will be various cells for different ranges of quantities, so called ‘bands’. An example of a banded item BOQ is shown below:


An example of a banded item BOQ

Up to now, this form of BOQ has not been priced easily by estimating software programs. It required a fair bit of manipulation of the spreadsheet as well as manual entry of your final Submission Rates.  And as we all know the more work you do in a spreadsheet, the higher the chances of errors occurring as well as lost time.


The good news….

The great news is that Benchmark Estimating Software now solves the painful challenge of pricing banded items BOQs!

The new ‘Banded Items’ solution automates the numerous processes to deliver time and cost savings while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your quotes.

We are also excited to announce that this feature uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the first usage of AI in Benchmark and the beginning of a process of making the software even smarter to allow users to work faster and not be bored by repetitive work.


Importing a banded item BOQ with ease

When you load a BOQ with banded items, the software uses its intelligence to interpret the data, and then to automatically set the spreadsheet up for import into Benchmark.

load window

Sneak Preview of the Benchmark Estimating Software Load Banded Items feature in action

No further work is required by the estimator other than to approve or adjust the interpretation of the BOQ.

Benchmark allows you then to bid all your banded items amazingly quickly using such features as ‘Allocate’, or for even more automation you can use ‘Auto Allocate’ to bid many Items or even the entire project with only a few mouse clicks.

items created

Benchmark bids your banded items – consistently, accurately and with great speed


Saving your Item Submission Rates back to the original banded item BOQ

When you’ve bid the Items, simply click ‘Save Spreadsheet’ and your submission rates are saved back to your original banded item BOQ. The integrity of the layout and formatting of the customer’s requirements is retained.


How you benefit

Time and costs are saved due to the various automated processes. Even when tight deadlines are looming, estimators have the ability to adjust prices at the last minute, thanks to this new feature in Benchmark Estimating Software.

An additional benefit is that your submission rates can also be saved back to your client’s BOQ without reformatting or manual input, thus avoiding risk of errors.

This new feature will be released as part of our next software release 7.83.


To see exactly how the new Banded Items feature solves this challenging tendering scenario, click through to ‘Request a demonstration’ and for more information, please contact us for a discussion or any questions you may have.