Mack Civil Saves Time, Ensures Reliability in Repetitive Pricing

Pricing a lot of similar jobs meant a lot of repetitive work for Sydney-based Mack Civil Engineering, so they needed a database that they could rely on. In addition, as a relatively small, but fast-growing company, they needed to contain costs wherever possible. They have managed to achieve both of these objectives with the implementation of Benchmark Estimating Software.

Mack Civil Engineering was established primarily to provide solutions for local councils and other government authorities, as well as private sector construction firms. Their client base boasts some of Sydney’s most prestigious local government areas including those in which both the Prime Minister and NSW Premier reside.

The company’s consistency in delivering projects on time and on budget has been the catalyst to their decade of continued growth in size, reputation and expertise. It is this expertise that is instrumental in Mack Civil becoming a leading contractor in fields such as road construction, storm-water works, footpath and road reconstruction and restoration works, roadway resurfacing, soft and hard landscaping works, kerb and guttering works, paving and traffic facility construction such as roundabouts and intersection upgrades. 

Benchmark makes repetitive Quotes Less Tiresome

The constant flow of work from local councils involves similar projects.

“The jobs we are pricing are very similar,” JP Atta said. “We are repeating the pricing over and over again. Therefore, we need a database that we can rely on.”

Mack Civil found that reliable database in Benchmark Estimating Software.

JP had used the software in previous jobs, and therefore understood how easy it is to price jobs with Benchmark Estimating Software. Consequently he put the case to his boss, who approved the purchase in mid-2017. The outcomes of that decision are already reaping benefits.

“It’s especially useful, since the company is growing, and it will be a lot of easier and quicker if we can build a good pricing database,” JP Atta said.

JP especially appreciates the speed and accuracy of Benchmark Estimating Software for pricing jobs.

“It’s very easy to review jobs as well as everything is self-explanatory about the tender,” JP said. “It’s all transparent and well-structured and therefore easy to review.”

Functionality for All Job Sizes

Mack Civil mainly utilises Benchmark Estimating Software for civil infrastructure projects and find it equally effective for both small and large jobs, from $10,000 up to $5m-$10m.

Most of the pricing documents that Mack Civil receive from councils include a bill of quantities so the “Upload a BOQ” function makes it a lot easier for the estimating team to efficiently complete their work.

“We also utilise the ability to put cost codes into the estimate while we are bidding the project,”  JP Atta said.

Mack Civil currently have around 65 employees including 3 estimators, but as they grow, they intend to expand the use of their Benchmark Estimating Software.

“We want to try to use Benchmark Estimating Software all the way through,” JP said. “As the jobs are getting bigger, we have to rely more and more on Benchmark.”

Achieving Efficiency, Time and Cost Savings

Mack Civil is a great example of the universality that Benchmark Estimating Software has been striving to achieve, ensuring that the software is equally effective and workable for both large and small companies.

Within 6 months of implementing the software, they are already realising significant time and cost savings.

“I would say that Benchmark Estimating Software saves me on average at least a couple of hours for pricing a job,” JP Atta said. “As we price on average 5 jobs a week, I would estimate that I can save at least 10 hours per week and therefore around $20-25,000 a year.”

Mack Civil Engineering adds to the growing list of small businesses appreciating the productivity and efficiency benefits of using Benchmark Estimating Software. Perhaps this is the year that your business gains the benefits from implementing our award-winning software.


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