Handy Hint – Tracking and Analysing a Project During Construction

If you ever need a simple method so your project manager can track and compare your actual versus your estimate, try our “Resources by Item with Used and Remaining” export to Microsoft Excel.

Resources by Item Export to Excel

The ‘Resources by Item with Used and Remaining’ option under the ‘Export to Excel’ menu

This feature sets up a simple yet powerful job costing analysis and tracking tool.  All formulae are set up for your project manager so all they need to do is start entering actual data.  The tool offers many features and benefits including:

  1. time savings
  2. estimate versus actual comparison item by item
  3. overall estimate versus actual for the Project, and
  4. calculated Percentage Complete for each Item to assist with Progress Claim administration.

To produce this, open your Project and from the Project Details window select “Export to Excel” then “Resources by Item with Used and Remaining”.

Click here to download an example in Excel.