Feature focus – Project Explorer & Item Filter

Easier navigation with the Project ExplorerEasier navigation with the Project Explorer

Navigating your bill of quantities (BOQ) is very easy with Benchmark’s Project Explorer feature.  You can quickly expand to the Item and Resource level of your project, and switch between BOQ Items with speed and simplicity.

This intuitive feature saves estimators time, and also makes it easier for new users to learn the software.


Faster & easier bid closing with the Item Filter

Faster & easier bid closing with the Item FilterMany times, when finalising a bid, an estimator needs to find certain Items quickly, like those you haven’t finished or those unpriced.  Furthermore, management often wants to review and possibly tweak the Items in a bid with the highest cost, in order to maximise your competitiveness.


Benchmark’s Filter feature addresses these common needs! 

The Filter feature allows you to quickly find Items in your bid:

  • Which have a cost of zero
  • Are above a certain, user-defined cost
  • Are marked as “un-complete”, or
  • You can also search for Items by description.

This powerful function is very easy to use and saves time for estimators and managers alike.  It also improves the effectiveness and confidence of your bid review process, and helps you to submit more competitive prices so you can win more work at the right price.