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Strategies on how to minimise dealings, costs or hassles associated with your in-house IT

A Summary of Benchmark Cloud’s Advanced and Effective Data Security Features

Information on how Benchmark Cloud can leverage integrations with other business applications

The Benchmark Cloud

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to access a file or application, but a colleague was in the middle of using it? Maybe, you needed to update a document, but weren’t sure if the file you were using was the latest version. Or perhaps you simply didn’t even have access to it from your computer!

The Cloud eradicates these often productivity-killing issues by providing an environment where you can not only access applications, files and documents from your own personal device, but so can your colleagues! Your entire team can estimate anywhere and in real-time, making real-time changes without the need to keep a warehouse of version controls.

Therefore, if you enjoyed the content in this brochure, or would like to know more about your organisation’s pathways to a Cloud-based software environment, you would be pleased to know that you can find more resources about the Benchmark Cloud here.

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