Enviropacific Services select Benchmark’s “Corporate” estimating solution as their new, national system

enviro_site1With operations across Australia, Enviropacific Services sets a nationwide benchmark in Environmental Engineering and Petrochemical Services, providing quality services to the industrial, government, petrochemical, resources, infrastructure and construction sectors.

The company has recently selected the “Corporate” edition of Benchmark Estimating Software as their new, nationwide estimating system.

With a lot of diversity in their business and with many project managers and managers undertaking estimating tasks, Enviropacific needed an estimating system that was flexible to handle their wide range of project requirements and also one that was easy to use.  “With many offices across Australia we also needed a system that could cater for the regional pricing variances with ease, which Benchmark does” comments David Wood, Managing Director of Enviropacific Services.  Enviropacific is commencing a national rollout of Benchmark Estimating Software and according to David Wood they are “… looking forward to greater levels of consistency across the business, improved transparency and accuracy of estimates, and the improved collaboration and centralised business reporting that Benchmark offers”.

More about Enviropacific Services

enviro_site2Enviropacific consists of two divisions: Environmental Engineering and Petrochemical Services.  The Environmental Engineering division is an acknowledged industry leader in the provision of innovative, integrated site remediation services to solid and liquid contamination problems.  The Petrochemical Services division provides design, installation and maintenance services to retail, industrial and bulk petrochemical storage and handling facilities.  The two divisions generate substantial synergy for Enviropacific as the majority of petrochemical projects require some form of environmental engineering services.  Enviropacific is the only petrochemical market participant on a national level, that is able to provide both diversified environmental and installation services.

The capabilities of the company include petrochemical, site remediation, soil treatment, thermal treatment, water treatment, engineering solutions, civil construction, asbestos management and demolition.   The company currently has offices in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Gunnedah and employs over 130 people.
Enviropacific prides itself on its ability to offer innovative, flexible and sustainable project delivery approaches to deliver optimal outcomes for clients whilst maintaining the highest standards in QHSE management and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Visit the Enviropacific Services web site for more information www.enviropacific.com.au