Cherrie on Top with Early Benchmark Adoption

Based in New South Wales, Cherrie Civil Engineering is a contractor with capabilities across a wide range of works including bulk and detail excavation, shoring, remediation, roadworks, both residential and industrial subdivisions, bridges as well as foundation and structural works.

As a new business in the sector, Cherrie Civil Engineering took the opportunity to implement Benchmark Estimating Software when the company was launched in 2015.

This decision has proven extremely beneficial to the business.


Setting an Early Benchmark

Cherrie Civil Engineering’s Estimating Manager, Sulabh Prajapati, was an experienced user of Benchmark Estimating Software, having used it for several years in a previous role. Upon joining Cherrie Civil, he was therefore pleased to discover that they had purchased and implemented the software, as he knew the immense time-saving and cost-saving benefits it would deliver.


“I had found the software very easy to use and understand. It helps a lot as it gives you accuracy for estimating, and also enables you to produce quality bids much faster,” Sulabh said. “You don’t make calculation mistakes due to incorrect formulas as when working with Excel there is always a chance of missing links and formulas.”


The company purchased Benchmark Estimating Software in 2015 and now utilises many of the functions including Resource and Item Libraries and various reports.


“A great thing about Benchmark is that it creates a lot of reports, giving transparency, and these are very helpful in finalising tenders. I also use the built-in Microsoft Word software template to create a quality quote,” Sulabh said.


The company also uses the Subcontractor Manager, a feature that allows importing quotations from subcontractors or suppliers electronically, ultimately saving time and increasing accuracy.


“After assigning the relevant Item Groups in a Project, Benchmark Estimating Software creates a spreadsheet, which we can then e-mail to our subcontractors. This feature allows us to easily import prices we have received from subcontractors,” Sulabh said. “After comparing the different quotes, Benchmark will then update the estimate based on the selected supplier.”


Wide Project Applications

Cherrie Civil Engineering works on a wide range of projects in in the $5m to $20m range, and prices 50-60 tenders a year between their 2 estimators. Their project portfolio includes the Northern Beaches Hospital, Macquarie Cemetery, Sparks Road Wyong, Marrickville Hospital, Strathfield Golf Course Subdivision, Australian Catholic University and various stages of Westmead Hospital Redevelopment.

With such a wide range of projects, Sulabh considers a principal benefit of Benchmark Estimating Software is being able to produce more tenders with less resources.


“You can save more than 50% of your time. You can also achieve a higher level of accuracy with your bids. Additionally, the reports allow you to do some great analysis of any tender,” Sulabh said. “Many of the time savings come about because you can create a database with many Items and Resources and you can use these when producing new tenders. You can even save Items from any Project into your Item Library.”


Strong Recommendations

Sulabh has been using Benchmark Estimating Software for about 4 years and is a strong supporter both of the software and the customer service that the Benchmark team provides.

If he has any questions or concerns he just calls the Benchmark support team straight away, and finds that most issues are resolved quickly. He also notes that on occasions when he has made suggestions to the support team, his ideas were taken on board and often have been incorporated into future upgrades of the software.

Sulabh’s advice to anyone considering implementing estimating software is to buy Benchmark Estimating Software – it is definitely worth the investment.


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