Une Formation sur mesure pour Colas

Benchmark Estimating Software est désormais utilisé dans plus de 20 pays et par de très importantes entreprises multinationales. Il est donc impératif d’adopter une approche plus personnalisée pour aider ces clients à facilement installer et intégrer notre logiciel. Le Groupe Colas, parmi d’autres, a décidé de profiter de cette approche, et représente un modèle de […]

Bespoke Training Delivers for Colas

With Benchmark Estimating Software now being used by companies in over 20 countries and by large corporations with operations across multiple countries, it was imperative that we adopt a bespoke approach to assist these clients with successful integration and implementation of our software. The Colas Group is one of our many clients to take up this offer and is a prime example of our commitment to empowering clients to increase productivity and profitability.

English and French software support around the clock

We are very pleased to announce that Malik Korti has joined Benchmark Estimating Software as ‘Software Support Consultant’. Based in our Manchester office, Malik’s role is to provide support and training to all Benchmark Estimating Software clients throughout Europe and related time zones.

Live Chat for immediate response to your queries

We are delighted to announce that you can now connect with us even more quickly with our new Live Chat, which is available weekdays from 8:30am until 5pm Australian time. Simply start a live chat with us via the box on the right hand corner on our website.