Benchmark Estimating Software V7.6 released – smarter estimating, higher ROI, easier to use, more flexibility & improved auditing

With 20 new features & 55 improvements, Version 7.6 will elevate your estimating to a smarter level, helping you to gain a competitive advantage & build your organisation’s operational capacity.  You will also maximise staff productivity & obtain a higher return on your investment. Also in Version 7.6 is support for 6 new language packs meaning we now offer estimating solutions in Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovakian, Slovenian… & English of course, as well as Spanish.

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tick 20 new features
tick 55 improvements
tick 6 more language packs
tick Marquee new features:

    • Read Only
    • Inactive Items/Resources
    • Resource Custom Fields
    • System Audit
    • Marketing Dashboard
    • 7 new calculation functions
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1. Greater ROI with the Read Only feature

Without buying any additional licences, more people in your business can view and utilise your estimating data within Benchmark.  This not only saves you money but also improves collaboration and streamlines related business processes.  You can also nominate certain users to always log in in read-only mode, giving you more control over your estimating processes and reducing risk. Read-Only-Feature

2. More competitive estimates with Inactive Items & Resources

Quickly model different construction methods for Items in a bid.  Estimators and managers can make better informed decisions about alternative methods of construction & also undertake “what-if” analysis.  This helps your business to prepare more competitive, accurate estimates and to win more work.   Inactive_ItemInactive_Resource_002Inactive_Item_icon_003

3. More streamlined estimating, reporting & integration... with Resource Custom Fields

When used in Benchmark’s powerful calculator, Resource Custom Fields gives you more advanced & flexible quantity calculations; this means you can embed more corporate knowledge into your standard Item buildups and Routines, and produce more detailed & accurate estimates faster. Resource Custom Fields also enable you to capture and share critical business data with other systems or business units more readily, for better collaboration and a more integrated operation. Resource Custom Fields build on the already extensive custom field features within Benchmark; these features are all designed to help you customise Benchmark to your needs with greater ease. Resource_Custom_Field_003

4. Improve governance & minimise risk with System & Estimate Audit features

The new System Security Audit feature minimizes risk, improves system governance and increases accountability in your organisation.  This feature logs all logins to the software both successful and unsuccessful, all changes to Administration settings and all changes to User Account settings.The Project Audit feature has also been improved. This gives you greater visibility of changes to estimates which can also be reported on and reviewed. Audit_Feature_001

5. Analyse and improve your business performance with the Marketing Dashboard

Estimators and managers can easily keep up to date with their favorite business KPI’s to help them analyse and improve your organisation’s performance.  You can customise the dashboard layout and the default settings for each graph to suit your needs. Marketing_Dashboard_003

6. More advanced, detailed Quantity Calculations for greater accuracy

7 new calculation functions including the powerful Item Sum (ISUM), Resource Quantity (RQ) and Resource Custom Field (RCF) functions.  These features help you to develop more powerful & flexible calculations to further streamline repetitive processes and develop faster and more accurate estimates. Calculation_Function

7. New “Paste Special” and “Paste with Zero Quantities” features to save time

These two new Resource Paste features save you time and allow estimators to re-use existing data in more flexible ways, streamlining your estimating workflow and making your staff happier.


8. More integrations to streamline business processes & save time

Dynamic two-way integration with Evolution Accounting Software from Integrity Software and a new, customisable export to Viewpoint V6 software helps customers integrate their estimating more readily with other business systems.
Integrity_Accounting_Logo                        Viewpoint Construction Software

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9. Advanced Quote Numbering feature to save time and improve business processes

This more flexible quote numbering feature allows you to customise your quote numbering business rules in Benchmark to suit your organisation.  This also minimises the need for other numbering systems and maximises group collaboration.

Advanced Quote Numbering

10. More language packs allows more users from around the globe to harness the power of Benchmark

With our proprietary translation technology, Benchmark Estimating is able to translate the software into other languages amazingly quickly.  In addition to english and spanish versions, the software is now available in the native languages of the following countries:

Six Nations

11. Improvements to Routines reduce human error and make writing Routines easier & more powerful

A new default answer option for the powerful “Selection Line” feature in Routines ensures your users minimise data entry errors.  The incorporation of Resource Custom Fields in Routines also means that your Routines can be more powerful, and are easier to write and maintain.

Routine Window

12. Increased usability saves your estimators time

New shortcuts, an improved calculator interface and more default settings saved per user; these improvements all lead to a better user experience and more productive and motivated staff.

13. Faster data entry in Progress Claims saves you time & helps improve cash flow

Save time and increase your cash flow with productivity advancements when entering quantity or percentage complete data in Benchmark’s powerful Progress Claims feature.

14. Other improvements/new features

  • Inactive Clients and Inactive Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Load Spreadsheet “mapping templates”
  • Composite Total and Composite Item re-factoring of member Items
  • Logged In User utility
  • More transparent Cartage features
  • Easier Resource Library maintenance
  • New reports/exports
  • Improved Microsoft Word Template features
  • Customisable licencing path setting for IT Administrators
  • “Local Resource Access” permissions per user in the Regionalisation feature
  • A new “sandbox” feature to facilitate more stable & faster handling of memory intensive operations,
  • & more.

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