Benchmark Estimating Software – Keyboard Shortcuts

Benchmark Estimating Software is all about speed. There are numerous keyboard shortcuts within the program that will help you get through an estimate quicker and with greater ease.

Keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Ctrl-A Will add an object.
  • Ctrl-E Will edit an object’s details.
  • Ctrl-D Will duplicate an object. This is particularly useful for creating multiple Items that are very similar.
  • Ctrl-F Is the shortcut for finding & searching.
  • Ctrl-S Will display all objects in a particular area.
  • Ctrl-1 Will take you down a level e.g Pressing Ctrl-1 from the Project Sections level will take you down to the Project Items Level
  • Ctrl-2 Will take you up a level e.g. Pressing Ctrl-2 from the Project Resources level will take you up to the Project Items level.