The method of ‘Parametric costing’ makes excellent use of various features within Benchmark Estimating Software, especially our ‘Variables’ function and powerful ‘Calculation and Formula’ functionality.


Benchmark’s Variables feature allows you to adjust key parameters and see the instant effect on your project price. If you have a variety of parameters that regularly change on a project due to changing site conditions, variables are ideal.

Variables example


Pricing repetitive tasks with many parameters is made easy with Benchmark Estimating Software’s Routines function. This unique function is not only suited for day to day quotes but also caters for more complicated items in larger estimates. Benchmark Routines take the guesswork out of your estimating. Routines provide you with a list of questions, much like a checklist for the Project, which once answered produces the estimate for you in a matter of seconds.


Routines example

For a list of all features of Benchmark Estimating Software, please refer to our features overview site.

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