Tweed Shire Council finds it easy to control costs and analyse trends

shire_councilWith an annual budget of approximately $194 million, Tweed Shire Council is the largest council on the north coast of New South Wales. It is also the region’s largest employer, with approximately 670 employees responsible for delivering services to its nearly 90,000 residents.

Services include planning and development, water and wastewater, major and minor works, waste management, natural resource management, community and cultural development, art galleries, recreational facilities, parks and reserves, cemeteries, aquatic facilities and much more.

Delivery of infrastructure is a major focus for Council, and as manager of this department, Ian Kite is well aware of the importance of reliable, accurate estimates, and the need to control costs.

Profile of Tweed Shire Council

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  • Industry: Local government
  • Location: Tweed Shire is a local government area located in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia
  • Number of employees: ~ 670 employees

Tweed Set the Benchmark

Tweed Shire Council invested in Benchmark Estimating Software some years ago and is appreciating the benefits of this astute decision, producing on average about 30 estimates each year.

“I had used the software at a previous council and appreciated that the methodology for estimating that this system uses is in accordance with how pre-construction estimates should be done.”

Ian commented that it was clear that the system was built by engineers as the logic in Benchmark Estimating Software conforms to the way most engineers do their estimates, by planning out the project activity by activity, and assigning the resources and time required to complete each activity.

The Council uses more of the general functionalities of the system; Ian notes that once an estimate is completed, project resources and duration reports are generated from these estimates which provide the basis for better cost control.

Asking the Question

Ian finds that Benchmark Estimating Software makes it particularly easy to control costs by monitoring actual resources against these project resources and duration reports.

“It’s easy to see how each component activity of a project is progressing. For example, if more labour or extra plant is present on the job than provided for in the estimate, you can ask the question ‘why’?”, Ian explains


The ability to update estimates in Benchmark Estimating Software is also used. “If rates or wages change, you can re-run estimates with current resource rates and update the estimates quite easily,” Ian said.

Acknowledging the partnership

At Benchmark Estimating Software we pride ourselves on our quality support and service to clients, and Ian further confirmed our well-earned reputation.

“When we were developing the system, the support was always there. It is an important part of the overall package and we always received good support from Benchmark Estimating Software,” Ian said.

Benchmark Estimating Software carried out the training for Council in-house and then their team set up the data themselves.

Ian and his team have already done estimates for roads, bridges, drainage systems, water mains, and sewer rising mains and they are now looking to extend the use of the system to their designers so that they can provide ballpark estimates during the design process.

Ian was introduced to Benchmark Estimating Software with a presentation at an IPWEA meeting by Rob MacDonald, Managing Director and founder, and from this initial presentation a strong working relationship has developed which is building better infrastructure for residents and guests to the Tweed region.

To experience a similar level of benefits, rewards and efficiencies that Benchmark Estimating Software has brought to Tweed Shire Council, we invite you to contact us today.

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