Benchmark Estimating Software is a flexible, easy-to-use estimating & bidding software that is ideal for any industry. It allows you to streamline and simplify your cost estimating processes, while improving the consistency and accuracy of your quoting.

With decades of estimating and construction experience, and over 18 years of development by a team of innovative IT professionals, we’ve developed a unique estimating software system. Today Benchmark Estimating Software is used by over 3,000 users in different industries and in more than 20 countries. We offer you an estimating software system that is simple to use, very powerful, and flexible so it can help you price any type of project.

Easy to use – Benchmark Estimating Software can be used by anyone in your organisation who needs to produce an estimate. Flexible methods of estimating- Use different methods of estimating depending on the type of Project you are pricing and/or your industry… read more about the methods of estimating in our estimating software
Library-based – Eliminate repeat work, maximise productivity and capture knowledge with Benchmark Estimating Software’s powerful and unique suite of Libraries. Unique suite of features – An impressive list of features covers not just estimating, but quote generation, progress claims, market analysis reports… read more about our unique features
First principles estimating – Your estimates are based on first-principles for maximum accuracy, transparency and ultimately increased profits. Latest technology – A modern solution leverages the power of a Microsoft SQL Server database to deliver many benefits… read more about the technology used by our estimating software

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Estimating Software Product range

Whether you are a small business or major corporation, we have an estimating software solution for you. Benchmark Estimating Software is available in three version, Compact, Professional and Corporate. Three Point Estimating and Risk is an add-on module available for the Professional and Corporate versions only.

Compact The introductory Benchmark Estimating Software product. Ideal for small businesses who want a solid estimating system and where your budget is limited.
Professional The Professional version of Benchmark Estimating Software includes additional features like Auto Allocate and Sub Items for huge time savings in estimating. Value added functions including Progress Claims, customisable “Microsoft Word Quote reports” and the Resource-based Export to Microsoft Project make this version one of the most functional systems on the market today.
Corporate Designed for organisations that operate across a large geographical area, the Corporate version of Benchmark Estimating Software has the amazing Regionalisation feature. This feature can help you achieve a single or reduced number of estimating databases for a nation-wide organisation. Additionally, this version includes the System Security Audit feature that is designed to improve system governance and increase internal accountability within user organisations.
Three Point Estimating(TPE)/Risk TPE/Risk is an add-on module that can be purchased in addition to the Professional or Corporate version of Benchmark Estimating Software. TPE/Risk is designed for authorities that need to prepare a minimum, most-likely and maximum price for a Project. Read more

For a comprehensive edition comparison, please visit our features page.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by everyone in your organisation regardless of IT skill level
  • Improves the accuracy of estimates and quotes
  • Central Libraries of Items, Routines, Takeoff Sheets, Variables and more improve consistency of estimating processes and resultant prices
  • Unique functions deliver time savings up to 74%, improving the productivity of all personnel involved in the estimating processes
  • Reduces the risk of problems in estimates
  • Flexible methods of estimating means you can use Benchmark Estimating Software for all types of projects large and small
  • Facilitates the capture and effective sharing of corporate knowledge
  • Excellent estimate reporting and high level business analysis reporting saves time and helps you improve operations and overall business
  • Uses a Microsoft SQL Server database for superior performance, scalability and integration capability
  • Exports to construction programming and accounting/job costing systems maximise productivity and eliminate errors from double entry of data.