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What is Benchmark Digital Estimator?

Building Information Models (BIM) provide valuable data sources which can be used for the automated quantification of materials for cost estimation. Benchmark Digital Estimator (DE) is a take off application that extracts data, measurements and quantities from the BIM to easily create or update Project Items and Variables in Benchmark Estimating Software.

Why use it?

With Digital Estimator, you can load, visualise and navigate standard IFC models in order to measure and extract the required quantities. Furthermore, you can ensure all BIM data associated with each model element is readily available and can be automatically extracted. And lastly, you can apply quantities that have been measured, extracted or computed directly to Benchmark Project Items and Variables for instant pricing.

How can it help your business?

Benchmark Digital Estimator can help estimators produce accurate cost estimates using measurements directly sourced from a model/drawing. This allows you to create estimates in a fraction of the time! Furthermore, it can help minimise risks associated with different interpretations of data, identify variances in model revisions, and provide automatic calculations of Cut and Fill Volumes - ultimately saving your business valuable time and money.

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