Some organisations experience challenges producing accurate estimates. It might be that they do not have resources with knowledge of estimating, or they may not have the necessary processes in place to produce good estimates. If your organisation is in this position, how can you ensure that you produce accurate estimates?

The solution is to engage Benchmark Estimating Software. We can provide experienced estimators who can work within your team to produce high-quality estimates. Our people can work on your premises; or alternatively, they can work from our offices and connect remotely with your employees and resources. Our highly-skilled estimators are trained in the use of Benchmark Estimating Software as well as the use of quantity take-off software. They can also assist you with the necessary processes required to produce estimates.

This service is particularly useful for Government Departments. Quite often they can face restrictions on the permanent employment of additional staff, whereas the employment of consultants may be allowed. We have a proven track record of providing estimating services directly to Government Departments and their contractors.

If you need timely and accurate estimating completed, but do not have the in-house resources, how do you begin to solve the problem? You can fill out the form, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you. Alternatively you can simply call Bevis Pyle, our Client Services Manager on +61 2 4422 3444.