Benchmark Estimating Software offers a flexible estimating software package for the precast concrete industry

meeting the challenges faced by precast concrete specialists while increasing efficiency productivity profitability consistency accuracy

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Whether you deal in architectural precast, structural precast or hollowcore flooring, Benchmark Estimating Software is suited to your business.

With Benchmark Estimating Software you can construct an estimate using resource-based estimating methods (labour, materials, subcontract, plant/equipment). This gives you the power to include as much detail as you require in your tender meaning our software is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of your business while remaining easy to use.

Our “Power Routines” feature is ideal for Precast Concrete tenders which involve many items, such as walls or flooring, where there is a similar operation for each element of the Project. Power Routines ensures efficient, consistent pricing of such tenders.

Benchmark Estimating Software makes preparing a price for your client very easy; you can utilise your database of rates in your “Item Library” to save time and eliminate the chance of leaving things out of your estimates. You also have access to powerful, time-saving features such as “Routines”, user-defined “Variables”, “Auto Allocate” and “Production Rates”. Benchmark Estimating Software also gives you the ability to import a bill of quantities issued to you by a Client from a spreadsheet.

Generating professional looking quotes in Microsoft Word (based on your own templates) is simple to do with Benchmark Estimating Software as is exporting your estimate data to Microsoft Excel and creating a program in Microsoft Project. You can also manage quotes from Subcontractors as well as creating Progress Claims and pricing Variations.

Key Features for the Precast Concrete Industry


    Easy import of your client’s bill of quantities directly from an Excel spreadsheet; saves time and eliminates typing errors.


    Bid client’s bills of quantities with matching or similar Items from your Library, saving significant time; greater consistency.


    Easy to produce with a range of reports; available to allow better management of the billing process.


    Save time on sourcing, analysing and comparing quotes from subcontractors; automatic updates of your estimate with the subcontractor’s or supplier’s price.


    Create a gantt chart automatically and directly from your estimate – Saves time and improves project management.

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