Empowering the Civil Industry with a better way of estimating

Meeting the challenges faced by civil contractors while increasing efficiency productivity profitability consistency accuracy

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Discover how easy it is to start your bid in Benchmark Estimating Software

We’re offering your business a tool that is intuitive, nimble and flexible to deal with a wide range of civil construction projects, changes in site conditions and individual schedule specifications – with efficiency, consistency and, most importantly, with accuracy.

Benchmark Estimating Software has successfully provided solutions to many challenges faced by civil contractors for over 20 years, with the most advanced technology and industry acclaimed client support and training.

Our solution for the civil industry

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Benchmark Estimating Software works effectively for all types of estimates, at all stages, from small road repair quotes through to larger civil construction project estimates.

One software system with the flexibility to handle every estimate across your business.


Benchmark Estimating Software overcomes the need to start from scratch for every new estimate.

The powerful and user-friendly software features, designed for the civil industry, lead to significant increases in productivity and efficiency.


Our powerful knowledge management system centralises your database and captures your unique company IP in a structured format. At the core of Benchmark Estimating Software is an extensive library system of 15 individual libraries. For projects where pricing varies from region to region, the Regionalisation feature allows you to automatically select costs appropriate to a particular area.


Tracking indirect costs and applying margins is fundamental to a profitable business.

Benchmark Estimating Software provides a quick overview of profit and indirect costs. All figures can be tracked and you can easily find out where the money is coming from.


Estimating is often key to financial viability and reporting is key to effective project management.

Benchmark Estimating Software provides a selection of over 150 different reports to empower management with greater control. All estimates are in one place, uniform across their organisation, and easy to access.

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With a single log-on feature, Benchmark Estimating Software is a permission-based system, which provides civil contractors with greater security and accountability.

Estimators are allocated permissions based on their role, which is particularly important when using contractors for estimating as well as preventing the libraries being copied.

Powerful Features designed for the Civil Industry

  • Routines

    Price repetitive quotes for civil projects quickly and easily; customisable for each customer; simply answer questions and the software completes the task.

  • Import / Export a Bill of Quantities

    Easy import of your client’s bill of quantities directly from an Excel spreadsheet; saves time and eliminates typing errors.

  • Item Library and Auto Allocate

    Enables you to bid an entire civil construction cost estimate in just minutes; ideal for pricing numerous schedules of items from the same client.

  • Multi – Currency

    Produce more accurate bids with resources priced in different currencies; you can also bid in multiple currencies.

  • Spread function

    Manipulate your submission price on an Item by Item basis and effectively override the Submission Rate in your estimate.

  • Resource Rate Change

    Enables fast and easy project-specific price changes, when material prices fluctuate.

  • Valuations / Progress Claims

    Easy to produce with a range of reports; available to allow better management of the billing process.

  • Regionalisation

    Essential for civil contractors working in a regional or global setting; allows different rates for different regions.

  • Microsoft Word Quote Templates

    Creates quote templates in MS Word and automatically exports your estimate data to these templates; for consistent, professionally-presented quotes for your clients.

  • Subcontractor Manager

    Save time on sourcing, analysing and comparing quotes from subcontractors; automatic updates of your estimate with the subcontractor’s or supplier’s price.

  • Automatically create a Programme in MS Project or Primavera

    Export creates Gannt chart with the duration of each activity automatically calculated; easier management of project once it has been won.

Hear what our clients have to say

50% time savings… a great investment for us!

“For us it is money well spent, a great investment!  It’s all about the quality of the information that we can get out of the Benchmark software… I have to say that we have made a 50% saving in time for our quotations.”

Ben Moseley, Project ManagerD Group, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Better than any other estimating system

“Benchmark Estimating Software is better than any other estimating system I have used at any other company. The Advanced User Course gave me many great hints and tips allowing me to utilise many more of Benchmark’s features. Benchmark [Estimating Software] is responsive to our requests and their overall support is excellent.”

Paul Sheridan, Estimator Hazell Bros, Ballarat VIC Australia

Improving the Win Rate

“Since purchasing Benchmark, our strike rate has been really good; we are winning all sorts of civil work in a range of different areas. Benchmark’s support and business expertise has been exceptional, and they are very helpful and responsive with support services and software modifications. I would say the overall experience with Benchmark has been very good.”

Barry Hezlett, ProprietorNorthpipe Constructions, Nambucca Heads NSW Australia

Convenient and cost effective online training

“I recently attended an online new user training course run by Benchmark Estimating and found the trainer to be a great teacher. They were very helpful throughout the duration of the course. Also, being New Zealand based, the online training was a much more convenient option for me and a cheaper alternative to face to face training.”

Jeff Denley, Utilities and Rural Contracts ManagerSICON Ltd Contracting, Darfield, New Zealand

Accurate estimating processes right from the start

“When starting my new business, one of the first things I did was to buy and implement Benchmark Estimating Software. It enabled me to provide my future clients and staff with accurate estimating processes right from the start. With Benchmark, I know that I’m producing competitive and professional quotes that will help me win more work, grow my business and allow me to analyse our work.”

Ben Holmes, Managing DirectorHolmes Civil Developments, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Great flexibility and intelligent functions

“Not only is Benchmark Estimating Software a flexible and easy to use tool, its range and detail of reports consistently impresses my clients…Its great flexibility and intelligent functions make it all solutions to all Civil Engineering Estimates.”

Eoin McCloskey, Managing DirectorCivils Cost Estimating Ltd, Northern Ireland

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