Emoleum (now Downer)

Strategic and cost advantages of Benchmark Estimating Software


CSR Emoleum, now owned by the Downer Group, supplies pavement and surfacing products and services around Australia. The company also delivers professionally managed infrastructure, asset management and maintenance services nationwide. Ray Thompson was the National Business Manager for CSR Emoleum (now Downer) when Benchmark Estimating Software was selected at CSR Emoleum; Ray gives his opinion of Benchmark Estimating Software throughout this case study.

CSR Emoleum (now Downer) needed a complete package that could estimate diverse projects, from the extremely large to the very small, and one which was flexible enough for “our civil works and major asphalt projects, as well as small car parks”, says Ray Thompson.

The Challenge CSR Emoleum (now Downer) Faced

CSR Emoleum (now Downer) wanted to standardise its estimating operations to avoid losing money on their estimates. Comparisons of business segments, clients and historical data are also very important in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Benchmark Estimating Solution

Because Benchmark Estimating Software is compatible with many other programs, Ray notes that “Emoleum is able to download files from clients, import schedules and deliver estimates that are going to be beneficial to our clients and to the business”.

Benchmark Estimating Software has helped standardise Emoleum’s (now Downer) operations, and therefore “improve on each part of the business in different areas of the country.”

With assistance from Benchmark Estimating, Emoleum (now Downer) has also been able to build up historical data for its future estimates. Ray says that “we can look at the historical data from Benchmark to improve our costing in the future. This is an on-going process that allows us to have effective pricing strategies nationally.”

Ray summarises “Benchmark Estimating Software is the complete package – the program training and after-sales support. Emoleum needed a package that could give the company the support and dedication to allow advancement of our estimating standards.”


Ray Thompson says that the asphalt industry is very competitive and that “in this industry you must know the costs. You have to look for opportunities for better margins”. This was one of the primary reasons why Benchmark Estimating Software was brought into Emoleum (now Downer).

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