Colas Group chooses Benchmark Estimating Software for 6 European countries

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Following an extensive evaluation of estimating solutions from around the globe, Benchmark Estimating Software has been selected by the Colas Group in Vienna for all its projects in 6 central European countries.

Boris Grintal (Colas)  meets Bevis Pyle (Benchmark)  in Hungary

Colas Europe Centrale is one of the largest road construction companies in its region with an annual turnover of USD $900 million. It is part of the French-owned Bouygues Group, one of the world’s leading construction companies.  Boris Grintal, Chargé de Mission for Colas Europe Centrale, began his search for suitable estimating software in 2013 to replace various spreadsheet applications used in the following countries:

  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia

Backed with a solid reputation in the road construction industry for over 18 years, Benchmark Estimating Software was selected due to its unique features, the flexibility of our Company to adapt to Colas’ needs, and our ability to translate the software and documentation quickly.

Colas “…found it surprisingly easy to get the software up and running across the six countries…” says Mr Grintal, and the company is already starting to benefit from the improved consistency and better business reporting that Benchmark delivers.


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Benchmark breaks into Europe

The December 2014 edition of CONTRACTOR magazine contained an article on the Colas Group contract announcement with Benchmark Estimating Software.

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