Allens Asphalt

Benchmark Estimating Software is easily integrating with the goals of Allens Asphalt to provide easier, more consistent Asphalt Estimating for the company

Improving Major Project Estimates for the Highways England (UK)

Benchmark Estimating (UK) has assisted the Highways England (UK) in developing a consisitent estimating process, implementing the Benchmark Estimating Software system and has also provided them with expert cost estimating services.

Glendale gives Version 7 the Green Flag

Glendale is one of the UK’s leading green service companies. A Benchmark client since 2008, they are now implementing Version 7.

Mid Coast Water

Together with Benchmark Estimating Software and their implementation services, MidCoast Water have been able to create accurate, consistent estimates across various project phases. They have not only reduced the hours spent estimating but also increased the estimating knowledge of the organisation.

Citywide Service Solutions

Citywide’s chosen tool to tackle estimates ranging from large Government works contracts to smaller, day-to-day asphalt quotes is Benchmark Estimating Software.

Brown Drainage & Construction

Brown Drainage and Construction saw that critical to their expansion was the estimating system they used. Benchmark Estimating Software has allowed them to do this accurately and efficiently.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Abergeldie is a mid-size contractor, with over 60 employees. They specialise in public infrastructure projects for government departments and various water authorities. Find out Benchmark Estimating software helps them on a day to day basis…

Boral Asphalt

Boral Asphalt is a national supplier of asphalt with over 35 plants producing asphalt and other materials for surfacing and maintenance of road networks in Australia and the Pacific. Here’s how Benchmark Estimating Software has improved the estimating practices for Boral.

Brisbane CityWorks

Brisbane CityWorks Asphalt Operations Group use Benchmark Estimating Software as it allows for innovation, facilitation of the continued growth of the organisation, and integrates their business systems so they efficiently and effectively deliver to their customers.

Moreton Bay Regional Council

Moreton Bay Regional Council originally purchased 5 Benchmark licenses in 1998, and now have a staggering 15 people using Benchmark Estimating Software.