Moreton Bay Regional Council

Simplifying civil works estimating

In the lovely South East corner of Queensland, Designers and Works personnel from Moreton Bay Regional Council are using Benchmark Estimating Software for their Civil Works estimating.

Moreton Bay Regional Council originally purchased 5 licenses for Benchmark Estimating Software in 1998 at which time they were Caboolture Shire Council; they now have a staggering 15 people using the Benchmark Estimating Software system.

As Derek Yarrow from the Design Section states, Benchmark Estimating Software “… is quick and easy to use, gives us a standard format for estimates, provides good report formats for different purposes, and allows us to have more control over the rates we use in our estimates”.

Within Moreton Bay Regional Council, both the Design and Construction sections use Benchmark Estimating Software. “The Design Office predominantly produce estimates at the Unit Rate level. This estimate is then taken by the Construction Unit who prepare their own estimate in more detail, and at the Resource level”, says Derek.

Moreton Bay Regional Council works on approximately 50-60 Civil projects each year, some of these involving 2-3 estimates per project, and ranging up to $800,000.

“We originally purchased Benchmark Estimating Software as it suited our needs best. Benchmark also reacted very quickly to modify the software for the things we required. Benchmark’s support is very good, and we always get a response quickly”, Derek goes on to say.

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