Allocate & Auto Allocate – Unique features to price Items consistently, accurately and with great speed

Allocate and Auto Allocate are extremely powerful functions to quickly estimate Items in a project based on Items in the Item Library. Allocate will bid one Item, Auto Allocate will bid many Items, or even a whole project.

Allocate Resources from Items



  • Allows you to price an Item very quickly by finding a similar match in your Item Library.
  • Items are ordered by the closest match.
  • Automatically allocate all Plant, Labour, Material and Subcontract Resources from your Library Item to your Project Item.
  • By drilling down into the Item, you can see the Resource build up and adjust it to suit the Project. It also copies across Variables and Production Rates from the Library Item.
  • Allocate from Library or from a Project as the source. The Allocate from a project function allows you to copy the submission rates for your Items into your current project.
  • You can build a brand-new Item by Allocating an existing Item and then just revise Resources appropriately.

Auto Allocate


Auto Allocate

  • Automatically prices an entire Schedule of Items, consistently, accurately, and most importantly, with great speed – with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Find the closest matching Items, by comparing the descriptions of the Items in the project to the Items in your Library.
  • For 100% match, Auto Allocate will automatically price the Item. If no 100% match, choice of matching Items to select the most suitable.
  • Full flexibility and control in defining the exact matching criteria with a unique suite of options to define and customise this Allocation process:
    • Allocate by Description, Code, Code and Description, or customised Allocation Code.
    • Set tolerance percentage for accurate match. For example, a percentage of 90 or 95% is useful for high-level, early-stage estimates and to get around small deviations.
    • You can even set a different matching criteria on an estimator-by-estimator/individual basis, depending on your requirements.
    • Streamline pricing work for clients that use the same or similar Item description each time. You can Auto Allocate with the Submission rate fixed, when bidding a maintenance contract where you want to use the same Items from a project you have priced before for that same client.

Regardless of who is preparing the estimate, you can be confident that you are using consistent format and data at the Resource level, while at the Item level your client can have any Item description they like.
Download a printable version here

  • Unique suite of options exclusive to Benchmark Estimating Software.
  • Saves time, Improves Consistency, Provides Flexibility.

See what our clients say about this feature

Pricing Items is easy and quick thanks to the (Auto) Allocate feature

“We often have the challenge of different Item naming conventions for different clients, which means different ways of labelling Items. Using the Allocate feature you can nominate the percentage match you require; the item description does not need to exactly match the name of the item from the library. We can even automate the process using the Auto Allocate feature, with options to Auto Allocate by code, description, or both. This functionality enables us to bid the whole project automatically, saving huge amounts of time.”

Michał Szcześniak, Head of Tender and ProcurementColas Poland

Making the process accurate and efficient

“When I receive a schedule to price, I can bring it into Benchmark Estimating Software via the Load Spreadsheet function. I can then run Auto-Allocate which automatically assigns our costs to our clients estimate, making the process accurate and efficient.”

Michael Draper, DirectorBrown Drainage & Construction, Te Rapa, New Zealand

Quickly populate similar items

“Auto-Allocate enables us to automatically and very quickly populate similar items in different projects from the Item Library.”

Anonymous, Senior EstimatorGovernment organisation