Improve your estimating and take control of your business risks!

Finding it challenging to generate accurate, error-free estimates?
Are your winning bids actually profitable?
Starting from scratch for every new estimate?
Frustrated with cumbersome, problematic and outdated spreadsheet systems?
The only thing consistent across your estimating team is inconsistency?
Truly confident your estimating data is secure?
Aspiring to better, more professionally presented quotes?

The answer to all of the above is – BENCHMARK ESTIMATING SOFTWARE
  • Empowering the Asphalt industry and Civil Contractors with a better way of estimating
  • Designed to suit varying requirements, specifications and operating environments
  • Suitable for all types of estimates, at all stages – from small road repair quotes through to construction and maintenance project estimates

profitable | productive | professional


Benchmark Estimating Software – your complete front­-end business solution including estimating, pricing, marketing, valuations, variations, project reporting and job costing.

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