Many of the problems that companies experience can be traced back to shortfalls that have happened in the cost estimating process. The fact is, many estimators who produce quotes have not been educated in the cost estimating processes. This course will bridge that gap by explaining the underlying principles. It does not involve training in Benchmark Estimating Software; in fact attendees could use any estimating software, or Excel. Whatever method, the underlying principles remain the same and that’s why the Fundamentals of Estimating workshop is the best course for you.


Course Aims

The course aims to provide attendees with the following:

  • A thorough understanding of the cost estimating process
  • A good foundation knowledge of estimating methods and the ability to produce cost estimates for civil engineering projects covering:
    • Direct costs of construction
    • Indirect costs
  • An understanding of the need to evaluate the risks, opportunities and uncertainties associated with a construction project and how these are allowed for in the estimate
  • The need to allow for inflation within estimates


Course Structure







The course is run online over 2 days with 3 hours allocated each day. We can also do the course face to face at your office a location of your choice.

The maximum number of attendees per course is 6 at any given time.

Contact us now to find out more about why the Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop is right for you.


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