Benchmark Estimating Software has two sister companies, MIEngineers and Benchmark Estimating Ltd (UK), who, along with us, form the MacDonald Group. The MacDonald Group is dedicated to providing clients with superior cost engineering services and cost estimation software to help your company build a competitive edge in the market.


MIEngineers offer a range of specialised services to clients in the area of Project Management and Cost Engineering.MIE_logo_large

Recognised throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as one of the leading providers of cost engineering services, MIEngineers can customise services to meet the demands of your project. Services include:

  • Estimating
  • Risk Analysis
  • Value Management
  • Design Services including Civil, Structural and Water
  • Project Management
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Design and Management
  • Special services including Professional Training and Business Management Advice

For more information on MIEngineers and their cost engineering expertise, please visit their website

Benchmark Estimating Ltd (UK)Benchmark Estimating UK - Cost Engineering Consulting

Benchmark Estimating Ltd are a specialist construction cost engineering business who have years of experience helping clients get the right projects at the right price. Benchmark Estimating Ltd offer expertise in three key areas to provide any business with the knowledge, skill and assistance they need to effectively produce accurate estimates in less time with greater consistency and control. The three key areas we focus on are

  • Planning and Appraisal
  • Independent Estimator
  • Process Design

We believe that cost engineering alone is not sufficient to accurately estimate the true cost of construction projects. By combining cost engineering expertise with specialist construction know-how and industry leading estimating software, we are able to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of a project or programme and movements within particular market sectors. This gives our clients real insight and decision-support.

Benchmark Estimating Ltd are also specialists in the use of Benchmark Estimating Software and can implement the software into your organisation as well as train you and your staff in its use to ensure that consistent and effective estimating processes are applied to any project quoted on by your business.

To find out more about Benchmark Estimating Ltd’s cost engineering expertise, visit their website