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If your local government department is ready for high-quality estimating, it is ready for Benchmark Estimating Software. As a partner of choice, we offer estimating software which aligns perfectly with the needs of our local government clients. Do you need to produce estimates for a wide range of projects? Do you effectively utilise methods of bidding, using previous bids? Do you need to manage complex data? Is your estimating system truly secure?

We are ready to talk about your issues.

It’s our ambition to get you up to speed quickly, offer you a method to utilise meaningful historical data, and contribute to your fast, accurate, consistent estimating. You can be confident at all times that your estimating data is securely protected and your IP risk exposure minimised.

As part of our software package we provide you with a database of 224 Items and 547 Resources across a large range of your work – perfect for local government departments. There is no additional charge for this database, we simply want to enable you and your team members to make the best use of our software quickly. You can realise significant savings of time and costs by using our database instead of having your estimators setting up Items and Resources.

We also provide you with the tools to utilise and update meaningful historical data to produce budgets easily and quickly.  

Benchmark Estimating Software empowers local government clients with quick comparison of estimates at the various stages of the project life cycle, as well as functionalities to quickly search and filter estimates by key criteria.

Whether you need estimates for construction, landscaping, water and sewer, or any other infrastructure project, our software will make your life easier at every stage of a project, from early stage budget estimating through to project delivery. 

Let’s discuss better ways to manage your data and inform your budgets!


  • Item Library

    Stores your standard rates for improved accountability & greater accuracy and consistency in your estimates

  • Project Browser

    Easily and quickly find all your estimates from one central place – For greater productivity and better reporting


    Price bills of quantities issued by engineers or road authorities amazingly quickly – Utilise pre-built Items from your Library for maximum accuracy

  • Routines

    Easy to price local government work in minutes – Great for concept estimates or repetitive, smaller tasks like road re-sealing

  • Reports

    Consistent estimate reporting across council – For improved collaboration, more efficient and effective project delivery processes

  • Bid History

    Utilise and update meaningful historical data to easily produce budgets

  • Security

    Be confident to minimize your IP risk exposure and securely protect your estimating data and information

  • Subcontractor Manager

    Analyse and compare subcontractor’s quotes side by side – For improved accuracy, easier analysis and better decision-making power

  • Documents

    Store all project documents seamlessly with each estimate (drawings, photos, specifications etc) – For improved collaboration, saves time


    Export data to common ERP/accounting systems – Excellent integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Project

  • Project Comparator

    Compare estimates quickly and easily at the various stages of the project life cycle – For powerful analysis reports & time saving

  • Export to Microsoft Project

    Create a gantt chart automatically and directly from your estimate – Saves time and improves project management

  • User accounts/security

    Your information is secure and only authorised users can adjust key data including rates and Routines. Estimates can also be locked so certain users cannot adjust them after approval


    Track changes to rates and all estimates simply and easily – For improved accountability and governance

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Let us support you in finding better ways to manage your data and inform your budgets!

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Testimonials from local government

World leading estimating software and support

“I would like to thank Benchmark Estimating for their support to the Highways England Commercial Division. Benchmark are the preferred software option for the UK Highways England estimating capability providing the Agency with world leading estimating software and estimating support. When I challenged Benchmark to assist in developing a true three point estimating capability for highways construction they rose to the challenge working closely with us to provide the scope and direction to manage this significant software element of the larger estimating development project. Benchmark completed the software development, tested the software and rolled out the solution on to the Agencies network 6 weeks ahead of schedule. This capability has given the Agency the ability to drive down capital costs whilst creating cost certainty for the capital program. Benchmark has worked hard to deliver this unique estimating capability and proves their commitment to deliver on time, cost and quality for their customers.”

Mark Gripton, Head of Total Cost Management Team – Commercial DivisionHighways England, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Benchmark Estimating provided invaluable assistance

“When the Highways England was looking for a supplier who could provide immediate expertise with estimating project costs in a more accurate and consistent way, Benchmark stood out as a talented consultancy that offered a unique service. Benchmark Estimating have provided invaluable assistance in preparing and reviewing the Agency’s major roads project estimates. Your work has always been timely and of the highest quality and we are delighted with the work you have done for us to date.”

Paul Doney, Change Programme Office Leader, Major Project DirectorateHighways England, United Kingdom