Benchmark Estimating Software can help you to prepare more detailed and accurate estimates with confidence

meeting the challenges faced by mining organisations while increasing efficiency productivity profitability consistency accuracy

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Whether you are a head contractor undertaking multi-disciplinary projects or a subcontractor providing specialised services to the mining industry. Drill and blast, coal processing, civil, structural, ground support – whatever it is you do Benchmark Estimating Software helps you to produce more competitive estimates so you win more mining contracts and make more profits.

The central Libraries in Benchmark Estimating Software give you access to a central, current price list containing rates for all trades and from all of your Suppliers/Subcontractors. You can create estimates from first principles or set up standard Items or Routines to re-use over and over again.

Fine tuning estimates to suit each project is easy and fast through the simple interface. You can also modify user-defined Variables or Production Rates to make adjustments to key project-specific parameters quickly and see the instant affect on your price.

For companies that operate on different mine sites (or in different Regions) where rates for Labour, Materials, Plant and/or Subcontractor vary at each site, our Regionalisation feature will benefit you by dramatically improving your productivity and helping you to maintain all of your pricing data in one central database.

Benchmark Estimating Software also helps you to manage your Projects with powerful Project Management Reports and the ability to create a Resource-based program in Microsoft Project directly from your estimate.

Key Features for the Mining Industry

  • first principles

    Bases your estimates on the Labour, Materials, Plant and Subcontract costs required to construct the Project.


    Price repetitive mining quotes quickly and easily; customisable to each customer; very powerful.


    Save time on sourcing, analysing and comparing quotes from subcontractors; automatic updates of your estimate with the subcontractor’s or supplier’s price.


    Create a gantt chart automatically and directly from your estimate – Saves time and improves project management.

Here what our client have to say

Easy to update resources and changing costs

“It’s easy to update resources with the use of the software and in the case of CPI increase or contractors changing their costs, rather than estimating the job all the time, it’s easy to take the resources from a previous job.
Especially in the civil construction industry, it’s hard to set yourself apart, you need to set yourself apart from the competition and having client pricing and being able to itemise every single thing is a great selling point.”

Richard Stevens, Managing DirectorWA Resources & Equipment Pty Ltd, Perth WA Australia

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