Benchmark Estimating Software offers Facilities Management companies a systematic and transparent estimating solution that is easy to use, yet flexible to handle many different trades and project requirements.

meeting the challenges faced by facilities maintenance companies while increasing efficiency productivity profitability accuracy consistency

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Our software’s central Libraries of Items and Resources store up to date rates for all of your trade elements, which can be used over and over again to improve the consistency and speed of your estimating, whilst ensuring you don’t leave costs out of your quotes. All of your previous estimates are stored in your central database and you have powerful features at hand to copy Items from original Quotes and apply a user defined % index automatically (for escalation for example).

The “Subcontractor Manager” feature allows you to streamline the process and improve the accuracy of selecting and importing Subcontractor’s quotes. Benchmark Estimating Software even allows you to design your own professional proposal formats in Microsoft Word and generate Lump Sum quotes or Schedule of Rates proposals with ease.

Our “Spread” feature allows you to manipulate your submission rates on an Item by Item basis to offer you excellent flexibility over your submission price breakdown for Schedule of Rates tenders. Integrated with this is our “Forecast Quantity” feature; this provides you with a very powerful tool which gives you the data you need to analyse expected variations in Item quantities, so you can make decisions on your Item Submission Rates for maximum profits during execution of the Contract.

Our Add, Allocate and Auto Allocate features within our estimating software are ideal for Facility Maintenance companies as they can be used at all stages of a maintenance contract. Add, Allocate and Auto Allocate from Item Library can be used to quickly and accurately bid the initial Maintenance Contract whereas Add, Allocate and Auto Allocate from Project can be used to price all packages of work undertaken under the initial contract.

When using Add Allocate or Auto Allocate from Project, your Submission Price will be as set for the initial contract with the Direct Costs be based on your current Resource Rates. This provides a clear picture of your margin for all of the work undertaken under the facilities management contract.

With Benchmark Estimating Software you can also produce detailed Progress Claims and export your estimate to Microsoft Project and leading Accounting/ERP systems, meaning we have your maintenance projects covered from start to finish.

Key Features for the Facilities Maintenance Industry


    Build estimates for larger road maintenance bids faster than ever before.


    Bid client’s bills of quantities with matching or similar Items from your Library, saving significant time; greater consistency.


    Model what you think will really happen on a Project meaning more accurate Item Submission Rates and greater profits for your business. Build estimates for larger road maintenance bids faster than ever before

  • Duplicate

    Duplicating a Project retains the original Project and brings the original descriptions over into the new Project.

  • ADD

    Add Items from Item Library. Save time and ensures you don’t leave important costs out of an estimate.


    Creates quote templates in MS Word and automatically exports your estimate data to these templates; for consistent, professionally-presented quotes for your clients.


    Easy to produce with a range of reports; available to allow better management of the billing process.


    Save time on sourcing, analysing and comparing quotes from subcontractors; automatic updates of your estimate with the subcontractor’s or supplier’s price.


    Create a gantt chart automatically and directly from your estimate – Saves time and improves project management.

Here what our clients have to say

Implementing a consistent estimating methodology

“With Benchmark Estimating Software, Programmed Facility Management will be able to provide a consistent and transparent method of estimating; and it allows us to implement common processes and best practices for all Programmed Facility Management users across the country.”

Rick Pelletier, Business Systems Manager Programmed Facility Management, Adelaide, Australia

The best technical support I’ve ever seen

“Thanks for all of your help Benchmark; your technical support is the best I’ve ever seen; mean it sincerely, we always get an answer right way! The software too matches your level of support; we used to use Excel for pricing we now use it for take-offs and scoping, and by using Benchmark as an estimating package we reduce our estimation time, deliver more accurate quotes and are increasingly achieving our targeted profits.”

Michael Requadt, Intermediate EstimatorCity Care, Christchurch, New Zealand

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