Benchmark Data and Intelligence

An all encompassing estimating platform harnessing the power of data, insights and business intelligence

The Benchmark Data and Intelligence unit

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What is the Benchmark Data and Intelligence Unit?

The Data and Intelligence team will partner with you to identify business challenges, comprehend them, and find solutions. Leveraging our experience, we will help you identify and resolve common data issues and identify solutions.

How does it work?

Information technology, data automation, analytics, and intelligence are all aspects of our work. We strive to make our clients’ lives easier by automating integrations between software and platforms and finding new and innovative use cases for existing data and information.

Why data and intelligence matters

Companies that use data analytics to analyse estimated data, unlock their power to make conclusions about that information and help optimise performance and reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business. It reveals trends and metrics that would otherwise be lost whilst taking advantage of historical data that has already been registered. 

How can this new business unit help?

Benchmark Data and Intelligence can support your company with governance and regulatory reporting requirements, while improving operational efficiency and helping you do business better.

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