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our company at a glance:

  • Australian owned company with offices in Australia and the UK
  • Leader in developing and supporting enterprise class estimating software
  • Our estimating solution is in use by over 5,500 users in more than 40 countries, over 300 sites
  • Used in many industries including asphalt, civil, construction, government, landscaping, manufacturing, mining, rail, road, utilities and water
  • Founded in 1996 by Director and board member, Robert MacDonald, to deliver on the market need for a powerful estimating system that was easy to use
  • Regarded throughout the globe as leaders in infrastructure estimating processes
  • Part of the MacDonald Group of companies.

Our mission is to help organisations improve their estimating, and the integration of estimating with related business processes; for private enterprise this helps improve your profit and market share; public authorities can deliver more accurate budgets and streamline project delivery.

Our story so far

Founded in 1996 by Robert MacDonald, Benchmark Estimating Software fast filled a need in the Australian Civil Contracting market for a simple software estimating system. Read more about our history here…

Technology Partners

Work with industry leading technological firms to bring our customers the most innovative and advanced estimating solutions possible.

Integration Partners

Developed integration with many industry leading software packages that relate to design, project management, job costing and accounting.

Industry Associations

Through these associations we form closer ties with each market segment in order to assist us to develop more innovative and advanced estimating solutions.


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Our story so far

Founded in 1996 by Robert MacDonald, Benchmark Estimating Software fast filled a need in the Australian Civil Contracting market for a simple software estimating system. Many systems were on the market at the time but they were difficult to use. Our extensive experience in Civil Construction has allowed us to understand the needs of our clients, successfully demonstrating to many civil and road contractors, including Government Works Units, that Benchmark Estimating Software is easily integrated to achieve instant results.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Benchmark Estimating Software was selected by several major road, civil and government organisations as their standard estimating system due to its simplicity, power and flexibility. Benchmark Estimating Software then expanded into new markets, successfully becoming the standard estimating system amongst the major commercial Landscaping companies in Australia.

Benchmark Estimating Software set up an office in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2006; a move which proved to be very successful with major government and contracting organisations implementing our software. Along the way, the company has demonstrated its amazing versatility as a software system with use also in the manufacturing, building maintenance, construction, telecommunications, rail and water industries.

In 2010 Benchmark Estimating Software released Version 7 of our software after nearly 10 person years of effort. Version 7 of Benchmark Estimating Software is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework and can use various databases including the award-winning Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database systems. The software’s unique features and simplicity, together with its leading edge underlying technology, offer clients a highly sophisticated estimating solution which delivers a superior competitive advantage.

Benchmark Estimating Software is now used by over 3,000 users. The services we provide to our clients include technical support, training, implementation and software customisations. Our support services are widely regarded by our clients as setting the ‘benchmark’ in the industry. We have also developed and deliver a Professional Estimating Workshop to teach people how to estimate.

Benchmark Estimating Software has two sister companies Benchmark Estimating in the United Kingdom and MIEngineers in Australia. Benchmark Estimating UK sell and support Benchmark Estimating Software in Europe and also provide specialist Estimating Consulting services. MIEngineers provide specialist Estimating Consulting services throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Across the group the companies employ over 50 people.

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