Winning Bids with Better Estimating

To assist our existing and interested users to maximise their effectiveness of their Benchmark Estimating Software, we have recently held a webinar, ‘Winning Bids with Better Estimating’, followed by a Question & Answer session.

This webinar, presented by Bevis Pyle, our Client & Corporate Services Manager, provides first-hand information and valuable insights into how to win more bids through better estimating best-practice.

Topics of this webinar include:

  • First Principles Estimating
  • Relevance of good estimating
  • The power of good estimating
  • Comparison of various methods of estimating

You can find a recording of the presentation on our webinars page.
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Alternatively, visit our YouTube channel to watch all Benchmark Estimating Software webinar videos.

If you are interested in receiving invitations to upcoming webinars, please contact us.