Water estimating made easy

For about one year now we have been working on the new WaterEstimator Routines.  These have been developed in partnership with MidCoast Water and enable fast, accurate estimating for Water and Sewer projects.

Various Local Government and Water Utilities are now using them for Asset Valuation as well as construction estimates. This allows Asset Valuations to be done each year in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Contractors can also obtain great value from these Routines; by customising their Resource Library, Contractors can use their own Resource rates and have a highly detailed estimate very quickly.

The Routines cover Pumping Stations, Water Main construction and renewal, and Sewer Main construction and renewal.

The WaterEstimator Routines are just one of the ways that we have been helping people to estimate faster and with greater accuracy.

For more information on the WaterEstimator Routines, fill in the Contact Us form and a member of our Sales team will contact you.

Example of the Routine Input window for Water Main Construction