Version 7.5 Service Pack 2 released

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Version 7.5 Service Pack 2 upgrade.  This service pack contains over 25 improvements/new features as well as defect fixes.

Key highlights of this service pack include:

  • New integration with ERP systems Epicor and Jobpac
  • An improved integration with Workbench Project Management software
  • A new Integration Settings feature so users can customise their integration with other systems to suit their business
  • Drop down fields in Routines making writing of Routines faster, and making them easier to use and more robust
  • A new Assign Data feature making it easier to do mass updates of data in the Resource Library
  • Improvements to read only access permissions
  • Improvements to Regionalisation and user’s access permissions to “Local” Resources
  • Improvements to Composite Items/Totals
  • And a new costing and cash flow export to Excel


All customers with current Maintenance an Support agreements will have been issued this Service Pack.  If you haven’t received it please contact Benchmark’s Support Team by email or by phone +61 (0)2 4422 3444.

These developments build on the initial release of Version 7.5 of Benchmark Estimating Software in October 2012 and the Version 7.5 Service Pack 1 release in February 2013.  The Benchmark development team is now very busy working on the 7.6 release due in mid October 2013 – this upgrade contains some amazing new features and improvement.