Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software released

Benchmark Estimating is pleased to announce the release of Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software. The new version marks the official release of the Corporate Edition that has additional features designed for companies who operate over a large geographical area. Some of the new features of Version 7.3 Corporate include:

  • Regionalisation – allows you to regionalise your database and makes for easier data administration and a single or reduced number of estimating databases. Regionalisation allows you to have different prices for the same Resource in your Resource Library and when creating an estimate, the price used for a Project is automatically based on where the Project is being constructed. – View our full news story on Regionalisation
  • Advanced user security – ties in directly with the new Regionalisation feature. New Estimator security options in Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software allow you to nominate more advanced access privileges on a user by user basis. You can set default permissions for all regions so that users only have access to information and estimates in their designated area. You can also designate multi-region users or give rights to a user to access all regions within your database.

In addition to the above, we have made some feature upgrades that are available in the Professional and Corporate editions of Benchmark Estimating Software. These include:

  • Using Items from previous Projects – three new features have been added to Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software that allow you to use Items from previous Projects more effectively. You can now add Items from a Project (essentially, this acts like an advanced copy and paste function between Projects), Auto Allocate from a Project and Allocate Resources from a Project Item. These features are ideal for maintenance projects and various other applications.
  • Percentage increase function in Spread – allows you to apply a percentage increase to all Submission Rates in the Project, in one operation.
  • Advanced Spread calculation method – helps you prepare more transparent and precise submission rates for Items based on each Item’s Resources, for maximum competitiveness and profits.
  • New Section level Word® Quotes – allows you to produce a quote for an individual Section and export it to Microsoft Word®. This is a quick and easy way to deal with Variation Approvals for example.

Overall, we are sure that the changes in Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software will make your estimating simpler, faster and more accurate. To compare editions of Version 7.3, visit our features page. For more details, please contact us or request a staff guided demonstration.