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Cash flow

Risk Management





You are challenged every day to keep your business viable in a very competitive environment. There are risks and hidden costs in running your business, not unlike your competitors. So why is it then that your competitors continue to expand profitably at a remarkable rate with the same amount of time in the day that you have? What is their secret? 

Are you trapped in a cycle of trying to win work at any cost just to keep the cash flow going?

With prices increasing all the time, deadlines to meet and an urgency to reduce your exposure to market pressures that you have little or no control over, there is no better moment to act than right now. 

One solution

The Compact Edition is designed to suit varying requirements, specifications and operating environments across a wide spectrum of industries in both the public and private sectors.

Delivering for Water Authorities, Asphalt, Civil Contractors, Landscaping, Local Government, Rail, Road Authorities, Telecommunications and many more clients across the globe.

A full list of the product software features can be found on our Product Features page.

Resource Margin Feature
The customisable Resources Margin feature help you analyse summary margin data for particular Resources.

Add Profit
Add Profit (Mark-up) in a variety of ways including as an overall % of the Project or as a lump sum. You can also nominate different Mark-up % to your Labour, Materials, Plant and Subcontract components.

Add Indirect Costs (Contingencies and Overheads)
Add Overheads and Contingencies (Risks) on your Project by entering % or lump sum amounts. For Site Overheads you can also build these up from first-principles.

The Spread feature in Benchmark Estimating Software allows you to manipulate your submission price on an Item by Item basis. You can effectively override the Submission Rate or Amount for any Item in your estimate. This feature is great if you wish to ‘front-load’ your tender for optimum cash flow early on in your Project.



How do you reliably determine ways to recover costs, manage your risks and allow yourself the considerable freedom to take measured steps to guarantee a successful and viable future without putting additional stress on both yourself and your family?


Certainty in your margin of profit with complete confidence and transparency in how you calculate your margin and resource costs is absolutely vital to the security of your business. By using best practice estimating principles that have a proven and effective way to deliver outstanding results that can be trusted by your clients assure a viable future.


Estimate review and project management reports.
Select from over 100 reports for any estimate. Reports available range from a high level summary, a bill of quantities, detailed resource listings item by item, resource listings summarised by group, and resource usage summaries.

Partial estimate reports.
Various reports can be generated by Benchmark Estimating Software on individual Sections or even Items within a Project.


Export to Microsoft Word
Set up your own Quote Report Templates in Microsoft Word and automatically export your estimate data from Benchmark Estimating Software to these templates.

Ideal for pricing repetitive tasks with many parameters. Equally suited for day-to-day quotes through to more complicated Items in larger estimates, Routines provide you with a list of questions (like a checklist) and all you need to do is answer questions; Benchmark Estimating Software does the rest.


The Compact Edition delivers real and measurable results by saving you both time and money. It is a powerful piece of software designed for the self-sufficient professional. The software automates a lot of your day to day estimating processes, freeing you up to focus on other important tasks like finding more clients.


If you have trouble creating professional-looking bid proposals or you continue to underestimate the cost of doing certain tasks, look no further. The Benchmark Estimating Software Compact Edition has been designed to be the most affordable (for the price of a coffee per day), ready to use, professional estimating package in the market today.

One easy payment per month

Priced at $90 ex tax per month for 12 months, you will receive a complete, easy to use, portable estimating software package. The Compact Edition provides an affordable enterprise strength application that levels the playing field.

  • Single-user version of our award-winning program
  • One easy payment per month for 12 months.
  • Get 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.
  • After 1 year, you can choose to renew your subscription for another 12 months to extend your existing license.
  • Comes standard with a preconfigured estimating database
  • Downloadable
  • Start bidding projects straight away

The application allows import of a Bill of Quantities, automatically bids the project, enables review of the estimate and produces a high-quality quotation, all in one solution.


Preconfigured Item Library
Compact Edition is supplied with over 200 fully functioning pay Items ready for you to use to get you up and running as soon as possible.

One award-winning estimating package

With a proven track record of over 22 years of specialised civil industry experience, Benchmark Estimating Software continues to deliver innovative solutions.

Some of our most recent awards can be found on our website.

One hour to get up and running

Compact Edition is downloadable and comes standard with a pre-configured civil estimating database ($5,000 value) that allows users to start bidding projects straight away. 

For estimators used to working with spreadsheets, Compact Edition will transform project development since users can produce a quote in minutes, rather than hours.

One integrated solution

The Compact Edition is compatible with other common software. The system can import and export data from/to Microsoft Excel, export a schedule to Microsoft Project and send emails via Microsoft Outlook.  

Compact Edition can automatically produce professional reports that can be also exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF formats.

One database to store all your estimates

One database to store all your estimates makes it easy to compare or reuse any previous work for new projects reducing data entry time and errors.

The Compact Edition can be easily installed and operated by a single user on a laptop or personal computer.

Be number One

Benchmark Estimating offers its customers a suite of first-class, hands-on training courses. You can be trained online for maximum convenience, and we can also train you in your office if required.

The suite of courses we offer helps you to gain the many benefits of our software, and thus maximise the return on your investment, in the shortest possible time.

Information about our courses can be found on our website.

One winner… you

  • Professional quotes are automatically generated
  • Declutter and simplifies the estimating processes
  • Gives a time advantage by not having to start each estimate from scratch
  • Start customer quotes within one hour
  • All the intelligence is stored within the one application
  • Everything is automated
  • Clearer understanding of profit margins wins more profitable work
  • Gives a competitive advantage to its users

Get started today and get everything you need to win more profitable work.

Intuitive & easy to use

Comprehensive Support

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