banded item

New Banded Items feature delivers time and cost savings using Artificial Intelligence

The new ‘Banded Items’ solution automates the numerous processes to deliver time and cost savings while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your quotes.


Feature focus – Project Explorer & Item Filter

Navigating your bill of quantities (BOQ) is very easy with Benchmark’s Project Explorer feature. You can quickly expand to the Item and Resource level of your project, and switch between BOQ Items with speed and simplicity. This intuitive feature saves estimators time, and also makes it easier for new users to learn the software.


Information security is the new competitive advantage

Protecting your company’s intellectual property is a non-negotiable business practice. Security of data and information has become the latest global business battleground with daily reports of hackings, viruses, phishing and Trojan horses invading and causing in some cases, irreparable damage to corporate and government systems.

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Estimating Software Feature Focus - Add Item from Project

Feature Focus – Progress Claims

If you issue claims for payment to your client as your job progresses, you can use Benchmark Estimating Software’s Progress Claim function to make your Progress Claim procedure more accurate and more efficient.

Estimating Software Feature Focus - Add Item from Project

Feature Focus – Add Item from Project

The release of Version 7.3 of Benchmark Estimating Software saw the inclusion of a handy new feature that allows estimators to use Items from previous Projects more effectively in their current estimate.

Add Item from Project allows estimators to use Items from previous Projects, rather than from their Item Library giving them greater flexibility in the way they price a Project.

Feature Focus- Regionalisation

The Regionalisation feature in Benchmark Estimating Software’s Corporate edition has been designed specifically for organisations who operate over a large geographical area and who have costs that vary across this area. The new feature allows users to “regionalise” their database as well as various Libraries within Benchmark Estimating Software including the Item, Resource and Routine Libraries.