Aspiring to even higher levels – New Version V7.82 raises the software benchmark

Version 7.82, our current software version, is currently being rolled-out and represents further confirmation that we are meeting our key deliverables. The strategic features and improvements of our new version V7.82 are specifically designed to elevate your organisation to even higher levels of profitability, productivity and professionalism.

Find out more about the advantages and advances that version 7.82 will deliver to your organisation!

tick Highlights of Version 7.82:
  • Ability of Load Spreadsheet to import Resources
  • Improved Subcontractor Manager
  • Improved Load Spreadsheet and Load New Project
  • Word Quotes enhancements
  • Role based Access
  • and many more other improvements…!
tick Key benefits of V7.82:
  • More competitive estimates
  • Less errors
  • Improved security of estimating data
  • Better user satisfaction and greater professionalism
  • Better data quality
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Improved business reporting
The V7.82 features you won’t want to work without include:

1. Load Spreadsheet can now import Resources

If you are issued a bill of quantities from a client, you can import this electronically into Benchmark Estimating Software, using the Load Spreadsheet feature. This import will you save you a lot of time and takes out any human error re-typing your client’s information. Version 7.82 allows users now to import Resource data, by using the Load Spreadsheet feature. This major improvement will lead to time savings when importing data, and ensure higher data quality, improved business reporting and higher return on investment.

Load Spreadsheet

Load Spreadsheet

2. Improved Subcontractor Manager empowering users

The Subcontractor Manager feature now allows “cherry-picking” of rates from different subcontractors and suppliers, contains powerful new Filter features and comes with many more enhancements. Enhancements that provide you with improved usability and user satisfaction, and empower you to generate more accurate and competitive estimates. In addition, users benefit from a more professionally formatted Subcontractor Quote spreadsheet, as well as the ability to customise this format.

Subcontractor Manager

Subcontractor Manager

3. Improvements in Load Spreadsheet and Load New Project features for more productivity

The improvements in the Load Spreadsheet and Load New Project features allow estimators to increase their productivity dramatically, as the chances of human errors will be minimised and time of re-typing data saved.

4. Word Quotes enhancements elevating your levels of professionalism

With Version 7.82 your quotes and proposals will be more professionally presented, which ultimately, will lead to winning more work and increasing your revenue.

5. More effective and efficient user administration through Role Based Access

The Role Based Access feature is now a standard feature as part of our Professional and Corporate licences.

This powerful feature allows administrators to define roles, such as ‘Senior Estimator’, ‘Manager’ or ‘Administrator’. It is now possible to assign default Access Levels to Roles and assign Roles to Estimators. The benefits of this new feature are obvious: rather than editing each Estimator in the estimator library, you can make changes to a Role, which will subsequently change for all Estimators. The end result is faster, more accurate user administration, and improved security of your estimating data.

Role Based Access

Role Based Access

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