New software version 7.83 delivers greater time and cost savings & even greater user satisfaction

We’re currently rolling out our latest version 7.83 – yet another V7.83testament to our commitment to product development to continually deliver even more unique features that will ensure better estimating in your organisation.

tick Highlights of Version 7.83:
  • Banded Items
  • New Wastage feature
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Project
  • Improvements 2 or more people are working on an estimate at the same time
  • And many other improvements…!
tick Key benefits of V7.83:
  • More competitive estimates
  • Less errors
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved review processes and business reporting
  • Better user satisfaction and greater professionalism
  • More flexibility
How these new features and improvements will improve your estimating:

1. Banded Items feature uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver huge time and cost savings

Banded Items are very common in maintenance tenders and schedule of rates contracts. For each Item in a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) there are various bands of different quantities.

Bill of Quantities

Banded Items – Example of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) format

The new ‘Banded Items’ solution automates the numerous processes, saving time and cost, while maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your quotes.

When you load a BOQ with Banded Items, the software uses its intelligence to interpret the data, and then to automatically set the spreadsheet up for import into Benchmark. No further work is required by the estimator other than to approve or adjust the interpretation of the BOQ.

Load Banded Items

Load Banded Items feature in action

The various automated processes are the secret to the savings. Even when tight deadlines are looming, estimators have the ability to adjust prices at the last minute, thanks to this new feature in Benchmark Estimating Software.

An additional benefit is that your submission rates can also be saved back to your client’s BOQ without reformatting or manual input, thus avoiding risk of errors.

This is the first usage of AI in Benchmark and just the beginning of an exciting process we are embarking on to make the software even smarter to allow users to work faster and take the boredom out of repetitive work.

For more details about this feature, click here.

2. More ease and speed when calculating Wastage

The new Wastage feature in Benchmark includes a new Wastage % field in the Resource Library and Project Resources windows, a new Project Wastage Analysis report and the ability to display the Wastage % for Resources. In addition, the Resource Quantity calculator now has a new Use Wastage checkbox to flag a resource calculation that it should automatically add on wastage.

This new feature makes it very easy and quick for you to both calculate, edit and review wastage quantities and percentages. The new Wastage analysis report provides you with a quick and structured overview of all wastage quantities for materials across the project.

Wastage Analysis

Wastage Analysis Report

3. Improved compatibility with spreadsheets and Microsoft Project for more flexibility

Version 7.83 contains various improvements for spreadsheet compatibility. These allow you to use the Save Spreadsheet function and open a report in Excel format, even if MS Excel is not installed on the computer/server. This will open the file using the Benchmark’s Spreadsheet Viewer. This improvement reduces the dependency on having to install other systems, providing you with more flexibility. In addition, V7.83 provides you with more export options for Microsoft Project.

4. Improvements when 2 or more people are working on an estimate at the same time

With the latest version of Benchmark Estimating Software you’ll experience even more robustness, especially when multiple users are logged into the same project at the same time.

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