New export feature to LEVESYS provides greater productivity and efficiency for Benchmark Estimating Software users

Benchmark Estimating Software are continually enhancing our available features based on the valuable feedback of our customers. We responded to a request from our users asking for an integration between Benchmark Estimating Software and the ERP system LEVESYS, which we recently successfully implemented and released.

We have added an export feature to LEVESYS which creates a comma separated value (.csv) file ready for import into the software. This feature is designed to transfer the Project Items data from Benchmark to LEVESYS.

export to levesys

This integration between Benchmark Estimating Software and LEVESYS helps users achieve greater productivity and efficiency by allowing you to avoid data modifications or manual data entries, and thus work faster. Ultimately, it also ensures that your projects are more profitable.

We are happy to announce that this integration is part of our latest version 7.7 release.

Through this partnership with LEVESYS we provide technology solutions that cover a wide range of the construction lifecycle roadmap.


If you have any questions about this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us