New Demonstration Video Series

Following very positive feedback to our first demonstration video, we continued with this initiative and now have five videos in this initial series.

These videos provide you with an easy-to-follow visual demonstration of the power and ease of use of Benchmark Estimating Software, highlighting some of the most popular software features.

Watch our first 5 videos now and experience how you too can utilise our unique features to increase your productivity with Benchmark Estimating Software:

  • Demo Video #1 – How to start a bid (available in AUD/GBP)
  • Demo Video #2 – How to complete a bid (available in AUD/GBP)
  • Demo Video #3 – Faster Estimating with Routines (available in AUD/soon in GBP)
  • Demo Video #4 – Improve your cash flow with Progress Claims
  • Demo Video #5 – Review your projects with the Project Comparator

And this is just the start with more videos in the planning and production stages.

Through these videos our aim is to provide you with an easy and effective channel to familiarise yourself with Benchmark Estimating Software.

Whether you are an experienced user or new to our software, these easily accessible demonstrations will increase your understanding of how you can benefit from faster, more accurate and consistent estimating. Watch these videos and see the software in operation!

Please click here to access all the videos in the multimedia library!