Mission-Critical for nbn™


Benchmark Estimating Software is proving ‘mission critical’ in the roll out of Australia’s largest telecommunications project – the nbn™ network.

Implementing the ability to write to the Oracle database, dramatically cutting workload resulting in significant cost and time savings, developing project-specific enhancements, integrating with business processes, delivering exceptional customer service – impressive benefits, which nbn acknowledge as contributing extensively to their on-time delivery of this critically important project.

“In addition to the extensive benefits of the system, Benchmark Estimating Software has done the work of 100 estimators over a 2-year period. So instead of 200 estimators we only needed 100 to achieve our targets – a productivity increase of 50% and massive cost saving,” Krystof Tyl, Manager, Estimating & Modelling, Engineering, FTTx said.


“For nbn, Benchmark is mission-critical.”

With around 4,000 employees, nbn is responsible for building the national broadband network across Australia, working with delivery partners, who take care of the design network.

“We review and pay for design and construction by our delivery partners and our goal is to optimise costs,” Krystof Tyl said.

After creating a prototype about four years ago, nbn understood what they needed for their system, carried out their market research and in 2012 purchased Benchmark Estimating Software. With this purchase came support and the valuable capability to develop project and business specific enhancements to meet the evolving needs of the projects.

Krystof said that the major reasons for selecting Benchmark Estimating Software were the flexibility of having multiple rates across delivery partners; supporting business decisions; having a proper system for cost estimating; offering value for money and the expertise and service provided by the Benchmark team.


Rolling Out, Growing, Integrating

nbn uses Benchmark Estimating Software not just for estimating, but for business planning through to construction estimating, asset reconciliation – for engineering and estimating; finance and strategic planning; contract administration and commercial; procurement and business forecasting.

“Benchmark has been integrated into our business processes and systems for Rates and Quantities management, working with our asset data base and financial systems,” Kevin Mercer, National Manager Cost Control, Industry Management said.

quote_nbn_002Kevin went on to explain that as the project has evolved, Benchmark has provided the support and flexibility to develop new features to meet new requirements and fully integrate with their continually developing business processes and systems.


Features Deliver Benefits

nbn has created 20,000 projects in around 200 regions, utilising Benchmark on the complete range of operations.

“We are using all major features when generating our estimates in Benchmark, from Libraries including some Custom Libraries, to Routines, Auto Allocate and Project Templates,” Krystof said. “We have 1.5 GB of pure data in the backend and, as nbn uses an Oracle database in the backend, it was imperative that the solution was compatible with such an environment. Benchmark Estimating Software responded to our specific needs and successfully implemented the ability to write to our Oracle database.”

Apart from the cost savings, ie requiring less estimators to complete the work, nbn is realising other significant benefits from Benchmark Estimating Software.

“It’s good to have the ability to have a custom field so you can customise very quickly,” Krystof said. “We can add our own fields, which enhances the user experience, while the ‘Single Sign-On’ makes Benchmark very user-friendly and more secure.”

With Benchmark, nbn have a centralised place for cost estimating with a low level of complexity, so they can train new people very quickly, which is crucial to the business.


Cooperation, Customised, Customer Service

Benchmark worked closely with nbn throughout all phases of implementation, training, customisation and provides ongoing support as they continue to expand and enhance the system to suit their project requirements.

“For anyone considering Benchmark, I would recommend to take advantage of the close co-operation offered during project set up and training and to utilise the exceptional support,” Krystof said.

He went on to say that “In our next stage we will be automating and integrating with other systems such as the design system that provide quantities and workflow management systems.”


Benchmark Connects with Global Telecommunications

In proving mission-critical for nbn, particularly with its compatibility with Oracle, Benchmark Estimating Software has proven its suitability as a highly effective solution for both government and large companies operating in a vast and global landscape.

Benchmark is proud to be playing a valuable role in the roll-out of the nbn™ network and we invite you to contact us today, for an obligation free demonstration and experience the benefits, cost-savings and efficiencies that Benchmark Estimating Software can bring to your operations.

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