Logan City Council

Benchmark Estimating’s Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop

Traditionally, teaching your staff how to estimate has been an on-the-job exercise. Sometimes people are taught to operate a system, but not actually how to estimate properly. Rob MacDonald, Director of Benchmark Estimating Software states “This can lead to common problems which we hear about all the time; individuals end up doing their own thing, reinventing the wheel or sometimes making up numbers because they have not been taught the correct approach – ultimately the result is incorrect and inconsistent estimates!”

The Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop was developed as a solution to this problem. Rob says “The Workshop is designed to teach people how to estimate, the different types of estimates they can perform and the correct techniques they should use. We have run this workshop many times now and it is great to see Logan City Council take the initiative and organise a workshop for their staff and surrounding Councils.”

Rodd O’Grady is the Works Business Manager at Logan City Council and was the key driver behind the Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop held in Logan. Rodd says the driving factor behind the workshop was that “our branch has recently been developing our resource-based estimating processes, and the workshop was seen as the next stage in the implementation of our estimating systems. As we have a number of people potentially involved in the estimating process it is important we adopt a consistent approach, using current industry practices”.

The Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop at Logan City Council provided several benefits for the individual participant, including the considerable advantages of having multiple Councils in attendance. Bruce Baron, Coordinator Storm Water Design at Gold Coast City Council, says “the workshop provided me with leading edge estimating practices to apply to my own work, and with the opportunity to share experiences and create a bond with people from other Councils.” Don Que, Technical Officer at Caboolture Shire Council, said “I wanted to get some useful tips and shortcuts from people who estimate all the time and the course certainly provided me with these. It was also great to see how different Councils run their estimating processes and how they capture their field data.”

If your public works organisation needs to standardise its estimating practices and provide staff with the skills and knowledge for successful estimating, get in contact with us to find out how you can benefit from a Fundamentals of Estimating Workshop.

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