The Resource Library is a central list of your Labour, Plant, Material and Subcontract costs; these costs are the building blocks of your estimates with Benchmark Estimating Software.


The Item Library stores the list of standard services you provide. Each Item contains a build up of Resources and can include standard production rates and notes/text. This Library is a key repository for your corporate knowledge and is the cornerstone of Benchmark Estimating Software.


The Routine Library is where you create and maintain your Routines; Routines can be used for many estimating tasks and work by presenting the user with questions about the task/project. Routines too are a key repository for your corporate knowledge.

Template Projects

The Template Project Library allows users to easily create and maintain Template Projects. This feature includes security access control over which users can create, edit and delete Template Projects. Estimating processes become more streamlined with the ‘Add from Template Project’ feature, and business reporting more accurate. This feature even tracks which estimates are based on Template Projects, offering you powerful analysis data to help you audit and improve your estimating operations.


The Section Library stores the main work breakdown headings for the standard estimates that you prepare.


Store details (i.e. address, phone, contact, mobile, email etc) and notes about your Subcontractors/Suppliers in central Libraries.


Standard Conditions and commonly used Project-Specific Conditions can be saved in a library to save re-typing, and reduce the risk of forgetting important contract conditions.


Store details (i.e. address, phone, contact, mobile, email etc) and notes about your Clients in central Libraries.

Import data into your Libraries

You can export your Library data and open this in Microsoft Excel. You can also import data into your Libraries electronically.


Access to all Libraries can be granted on a user by user level. Some Libraries can also be configured for read only access.